The 2020 Summer Handicap Series begins.

Sunday March 1st, 10am start. New course of just over 2 miles – start and finish roughly where we did 7 or 8 years ago but just the one lap instead of the tough two laps we did then. The hard, wide track there now makes it an easier location. To break up the bigger start groups and avoid big queues at the kissing gates on the way out I will make the handicaps in 20 second intervals. How you handle the gates on the way back will influence your tactical choice as to when to deploy your finishing kick. At the moment (19th Feb) the fields are firmer than anticipated except of course for the churned up gateways. Anybody wishing to help officiate will be most welcome.

10.00am Mari J, Ron, Bronwen.

10.02 Diane, Meirion

10.04 Rebekah, Kath S

10.04.20 Jess, Sali

10.04.40 Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

10.05 John L-T, Helen D, Nicola

10.05.20 LittleKath

10.06 Ruth, Dawn, Andy M

10.08 Paul J, John G, Dizzy Liz

10.08.20 Katherine E, Rob P

10.08.40 Julie, Gwenan

10.09.00 Sarah, Kaz, David Sp, Jeff

10.09.20 Hannah, Ed

10.10.20 Kate W, Roger, Jon

10.10.40 Anwen, Dan S

10.11.00 Arwel, Menai

10.11.20 Bob, Chris B, Peter L

10.11.40 Ruari, Gerwyn, Mark J

10.12.20 Ian J, Chris R

10.12.40 Luke, Sioned, Carys

10.13.00 Mari W, Victoria, Fred

10.13.20 Paul G, Ceri D

10.13.40 Tracey, Elen, Alaw, Katy B

10.14.00 Catherine TJ, Tony B

10.14.20 Emma, Mel, Duncan

10.14.40 Rhian

10.15.00 Gareth, Hywel, Steve

10.15.20 Phil

10.15.40 David B, Vic, Mat

10..16.00 Owen

10.16.20 Glen, Adam

10.16.40 Huw, Brett

10.17.00 Dan J, Tony W

10.17.20 Joe

10.17.40 Shaun



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