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The Denbigh Harriers running club was founded in 1991 by 19 runners from Denbigh and its environs. In its 25 year history, the club has grown to over 100 current members, with many more having participated over the years.

Denbigh Harriers also run a successful trail races attended by over 200 participants annually from all over the UK. Club members are also involved in running a number of other locally held races.

9 years ago, the club established a Run for Fun beginners to 5k course which over 100 participants have completed and 16 club members, including 4 who came to the club through this course, have qualified as run leaders. A third of current club membership has come through this programme.

We have a busy schedule of social events, including running events, and gatherings in which non-running family members can also participate.

The club is managed by a volunteer committee elected at the club’s Annual General Meeting held in January. The current club committee members for 2021/2022 are:

Chairperson Joe Welch
Treasurer Owen Conry
Secretary Kath Evans
Membership Secretary Katy Baugh
Health & Welfare Officers (1 male/1female) Menai Baugh & Ian Jones
Social Secretary Melina Morris
Run for Fun Officer Ian Jones
Junior Section Representative Melina Morris
Website David Baugh
Press Officer Sioned Lloyd / David Baugh
Kit Officer Menai Baugh
Equipment Officer Tony Benton
Cross Country Captain Menai Baugh
GDPR Compliance Manager Jon Whitehead
Covid Officer Stacy Hughes
Committee Member / progression David Spencer
Committee Member Jess Jones
Committee Member NV* Victoria Whitehead
Committee Member NV* Anwen Brown
Co-opted member NV* Tony Wood

* Non-voting

If you have a question or would like to find out more, contact us at

Codes off Conduct:

Code of Conduct for parents (2020)

Code of Conduct for Medical Officials (2020)

Code of Conduct – Club (2020)

Code of Conduct for Coaches (2020)

Code of Conduct for Athletes (2020)

Safeguarding policies and procedures:

Child Safeguarding Procedures

Child Safeguarding Policy

Adult Safeguarding Procedures

Adult Safeguarding Policy

To contact the club Welfare Officer email:

Denbigh Harriers Grievance Procedure (V1.0)