Hywel Roberts – London Marathon

Hywel Roberts writes, “What an absolutely amazing event that really highlights the good things that people do…if only the news would take up more stories like the London Marathon!!

My aim was to go as close to 3:45 as possible was going great up until mile 18 where the wheels came off mentally more than physically I think although my legs where shot!! I had really really enjoyed my time up to this point and to be honest I did not allow this to effect my mood and was absolutely loving it. The best thing for me on the course was seeing people around me spotting their family and friends and being able to witness the joy on their faces and none more than being able to see my family and friends (Mari Wynne Williams, Hawys Roberts, Sion Ed Roberts.) not to mention the cheeky slap I had on my backside from the fresh looking Huw Euron Williams while he overtook me (Diolch Huw, mor neis dy weld di adeg yno) and Gwenan Johnson at the start area. Having realised my target had gone and was walking a lot by now, I was also pleased that I could help 3 runners that were in a slightly worse state than my self, carrying one to St John medics, helping another to his feet after he collapsed after realising it wasn’t a good idea to run backwards and took another to about 300 yards before the end after she had fallen on her face and was glad to see her finish just after me.

I have been overwhelmed by the support given from all the Harriers not only during my marathon preparations but since I became a member just over 2 years ago. So thank you all for being so brilliant.

The Marathon is definitely one of the best things I have done and would really recommend it to others…..but thats me done (I think) with this distance……its just to bloody far!!!

Da iawn bawb!!!”

Hywel Roberts

Hywel Roberts

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