Virtual Fell Race #1 March 2020

Due to the restrictions in place cancelling races and group training this fell run has been set up for those individuals who want to solo run a pre-defined 10k/6.2m (385m/1,250′) course at a time of their own choosing over the weekend 21/22 March between sunrise on Saturday until sunset on Sunday.  This is not an organised run and it is simply a suggestion to keep runners sane during the current epidemic so you do this at your own risk. For your own safety please make sure you carry a waterproof top or if it is dry please carry windproof and a mobile phone. This is a common sense measure as you will be running on your own and if injured you need to keep warm and possibly call for help. Also given the circumstances avoid other members of the public and wash your hands after finishing the run.

The route will begin from the Llangwyfan Forest car park between Pen y Cloddiau and Moel Arthur. The start point is the second gate from the right. Remember to start your watch/phone.


The route heads downhill for 1.5k along the track until you go through a gate and joins another track coming from the left. Bear right onto the new track and follow this uphill for 3k until you reach the saddle between Moel y Parc and Pen y Cloddiau.

IMG_7401Saddle between Moel y Parc and Pen y Cloddiau

Saddle between Moel y Parc and Pen y Cloddiau

Take the path upwards with  the fence on your right for 1k to the cairn on the summit of Moel y Parc which is checkpoint 1 (not the trig point) . If you are not recording the run on an online platform (Strava/Runkeeper/Garmin) take a picture of the cairn with you in it somehow.


Return to the saddle by the same route and then climb Pen y Cloddiau to the summit and follow the path back down to the car park.

IMG_7428You can download a GPX file Of the route  here

The finish is the gate where the track ends. Stop your watch/phone.


When you have finished save your run if you use an online platform like Strava/Runkeeper/Garmin or if not take a picture of your watch face. Please also take a selfie (i.e a picture of yourself only)  that we will put into a collage for the newspaper.

When you are online go to the DH FB group and please post in a comment your run as a link from your online account  it should look something  like this: The reason we need the link is that we need your elapsed time and not the moving time online systems produce. Please also upload, if necessary,  your watch picture, checkpoint picture and selfie.

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