September Summer Handicap

The September handicap was another relatively quiet one, with only 13 participants, meaning that people with poor results from earlier in the season had the opportunity to improve standings in the table
A warm and quite humid evening with solid conditions underfoot, relatively short grass, and minimal bovine interference.
Paul, as expected, closed his vice-like grip on the trophy with his 6th finish. A 12th place meant that he stands on an unassailable 20 points (only 8 points from his first 5 races is incredibly impressive, as the handicapper has been trying to reel him in to the pack all season).
The chase for the silver and bronze medals is far more complicated.
David Baugh sits in second place on 37 points, but his best ‘drop’ from the last race would be a 9th place.
Mel is on 39 points, but has a 15th place still to drop – a top 5 finish in the last race would see her looking very strong, no matter what anyone else can do.
Ed (43 points) can get rid of a 14th place, and finish in second place for the season
Peter L (48 points) has a12th place still counting against him
Menai (48 points) can also still challenge for the podium if she can drop her 11th place from August
Elen (49 points) has a 12th place to potentially drop
Basically, all to play for. The maths gets complicated !
Due to the nights closing in, the last race of the series on Tuesday 5th October will start roughly 30 minutes earlier than in the summer, please refer to the start time on the main Harriers site. You can, of course, run the race solo in the few days beforehand.
September Handicap Results

September Handicap Results

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