October Handicap results and final standings

With the nights drawing in, the ground getting decidedly muddy in places, and cattle (both small and large) causing obstructions to some, the handicap season drew to a close on 5th October

Another decent turnout of 16 people both virtually and on the night led to some close finishes (Elen and Katy one second apart, and all 4 Baughs separated by less than 50 seconds), but Tom Jones , who has not run the handicap for years, finished in first place, Tony Wood and Menai finishing second and third.

Also a welcome to her first handicap race for Clair Atterbury, hope to see you next year too.

Overall for the season, 47 people did the race at least once, however only 12 did the required 6 races to be in the official standings, with the overall chance of glory.

A special mention here has to go to Menai Baugh, who was the only person to have completed all 10 of the races in what was a very long season.

The overall winner for 2021 is Paul Jones, who took October off, having an unassailable score of only 20 points for the entire year in spite of only doing 6 races. He has consistently improved through the year, fighting off the handicapper’s determined efforts to pull him back into the pack.

For the minor places, it was all to play for, with a number of people in with a shout if they could make a last lunge for the finish line.

However, it was Melina Morris who finally managed to secure second, her 11th place on the night meaning she got to drop a 15th place from way back in February, leaving her with an overall 35 points.

Coming home in the bronze position for the season is David Baugh, with another consistent race, leaving him on 36 points.

Ed Brown and Gareth Jones finished on 39 points, Menai Baugh and Peter Lester-Owen finished on 40.

Many thanks to all those who have taken part throughout the year (without whom I’d be standing in a field on my own), and also thanks to those who’ve come down to support, take photos, and just for a chat on the race nights

The intention for the 2022 season is to go back to ‘normal’, with the first race happening on Sunday 6th March, and after that races going ahead on the first Tuesday of each month.

Rob Parry

October Results

Position Name Finish time Actual time
1 Tom 18:43:13 00:27:13
2 Tony W 18:44:52 00:23:22
3 Menai B 18:45:06 00:33:36
4 Peter L-O (v) 18:45:22 00:31:22
5 Katy B 18:45:38 00:29:38
6 Elen B 18:45:39 00:30:09
7 Iwan 18:45:43 00:24:13
8 David B 18:45:55 00:27:25
9 Vic 18:46:12 00:25:42
10 Ed 18:46:41 00:35:41
11 Mel 18:46:51 00:28:21
12 Bob 18:47:30 00:35:30
13 Clair 18:47:48 00:40:48
14 Gareth J (v) 18:47:51 00:30:51
15 Lucy (v) 18:50:16 00:37:46
16 Rob P (v) 18:53:47 00:43:17

Final Standings

Final Points from best 6 Races Number of races Position
Paul J 20 6 1st
Mel 35 9 2nd
David B 36 9 3rd
Ed 39 9 4th=
Gareth J 39 7 4th=
Menai 40 10 6th=
Peter L 40 9 6th=
Tony W 43 9 8th
Elen 43 8 9th
Lee 52 8 10th
Rob P 62 7 11th
Bob 68 6 12th
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