OCTOBER 6th Handicap Start List

This is a fairly comprehensive revamp of the early season list taking account of times done in the Virtual handicap series and times in virtual races, including biased observations and rumours. Declarations of intent to run need to be made to David on facebook and if more than 30 we will have to split into two separate races – perhaps one group could go earlier using these differential gaps in the start times, but from 5pm.

6.00 pm Mari J, Ron.

6.01 pm Diane, Sue

6.03 Kath S, John L-T, Bronwen

6.05 Claire Sp, Rhian WJ, Meirion

6.06.00 Jess, Rebekah, Helen D, Nicola, LittleKath, Caz

6.07.00 Ruth, Dawn, Andy M, John G, Dizzy Liz, Rob

6.08.00 Katherine E, Paul J, Julie

6.09.00  Sarah, Gwenan,  Jeff, Ieuan

6.10.00 Ed

6.12.00 Anwen, Abigail

6.13.00 Dan S, Roger, David Sp, Will A

6.14.00 Bob, Menai, Jon, Chris B

6.14.30 Peter, Ian J, Arwel, Mark J

6.15.00 Ruari, Gerwyn, Carys, Sioned, Lisa, Kate W

6.16.00 Luke, Chris R, Gareth P, Mari W, Alaw, Lee

6.16.30 Fred, Elen, Victoria, Ceri D, Suzi

6.17.30 Duncan, Tony B

6.18.00 Emma, Mel, Katy B, Rhian, Catherine TJ

6.18.30 Paul G, Mat, David B

6.19.00 Gareth, Hywel, Steve, Phil

6.19.30 Vic, Owen

6.20.00 Glen, Adam

6.20.30 Huw, Brett

6.21.00 Dan J

6.21.30 Joe

6.22.00 Tony W, Shaun

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