Weekly report 23/11/19

There was a new venue for the third fixture of North Wales Cross County League in Dolgellau on Saturday. Denbigh Harriers were there in force with 23 Harriers making the journey despite the ominous weather forecast. The course was longer than usual with with the women running over 4 miles on the mainly flat but low lying course with very muddy and uneven sections. The course also had a large water feature to navigate on multiple occasions. In the women’s race there were superb performances all the way down the field with all four Harrier counters high up the field. As is the case with cross country those behind the counters had a big role to play in knocking competitor teams lower down the large field. There were category placing for Rhian Pierce, Emma Collins, Tracey Williams and Menai Baugh. The hard work really paid off the women finishing 3rd team on the day out of the 24 teams taking part and putting them 4th in the 1st division and well clear of relegation. The women masters team is in also 2nd place making it a successful day all round for the women.
14th Rhian Pierce 31.16 3rd F35
26th Mel Morris 32.26
29th Emma Collins 32.45 1st F55
32nd Tracey Williams 33.05 2nd F55
36th Alaw Medi 33.36
46th Elen Baugh 35.20
52nd Katy Baugh 35.20
60th Carys Davies 36.25
66th Kate Wilson 36.52
83rd Menai Baugh 38.37 1st F60
In the Men over 65 race the team of veterans put in a great performance to finish 1st on the day and vying for the top spot in their league. In the senior men’s race the team also had a very successful run over the 6 mile course with some great performances from all concerned. Special note should go to Shaun Hughes for his superb 17th place and for the close race between Owen Conry and Glen Price to be 4th counter for the club. As often happens in team races there were hard fought battles all the way down the filed with every Harriers run counting towards increasing the gap between the club and its rivals. The team were 2nd on the day and move into second place with promotion a distinct possibility.
Men Over 65 race
5th Fred Jones 34.30
9th Chris Baldwin 36.10
15th Bob Neale 39.19
18th Jeff Jones 41.30
1st team on day and 3rd in league
130 in race
3rd Team on day and 4th overall 2nd master team overall
17th Shaun Hughes 37.14
40th Joe Welch 39.02
52nd Tony Wood 40.12
67th Owen Conry 41.48
68th Glen Price 41.52
97th Mat Jones 44.20
106th David Baugh 45.37
140th Tony Benton 50.28
143rd Duncan Jones 51.05
Kingston Parkrun
Conwy Parkrun
John Llewelyn THOMAS
Dolgellau Parkrun
Joseph WELCH

image3 image7 image5 image6

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Weekly Report 16/11/19

Two Denbigh Harriers represented Wales in the British and Irish Masters Cross Country International competition at Aintree on Saturday covering a 6k course. Emma Collins was the first counter for Wales in her category with her best international cross country placing finishing 12th in a time of 25.49. Menai Baugh took part in the open race finishing in 30.55.
A large group of eleven Harriers travelled to Brecon to represent North Wales in the Welsh Inter-regional Championships where over 2000 athletes competed throughout the day. The club provided one of the largest North Wales contingents for the Senior and Masters races with some excellent performances. The Baugh sisters, Katy and Elen had a hard fought battle all the way round the 6k course to finish on the line together. They were closely followed by Mari Wynne Williams and Cary Davies who was competing as a master. In the men’s race there was a superb run from Shaun Hughes finishing as North Wales’ third counter. The Men ran a 6 mile course which was very muddy and churned up after all the other competitors had run making this hard work. Most of the Harriers counted as scorers for their relevant age group teams.
60th Katy BAUGH 28:57       
61st  Elen BAUGH 28:58
71st Mari WYNNE WILLIAMS 29:19
90th Carys DAVIES 30:20
24th Shaun HUGHES 35:12
88th Tony WOOD 38:27
99th Glen PRICE 39:38
132nd Mat Jones 41:56
147th David BAUGH 42:56
153rd Phillip HAYES 43:57
163rd Tony BENTON 46:54
The Penmaenmawr Fell Race took place on Saturday with many runners fondly remembering a stalwart of the race and Denbigh Harrier, Dave Say, who sadly passed away last week. Dave was a true mountain man with many years of epic fell running experience including almost every version of this race since its start in the 1970s. Two Harriers were there with Sioned Griffiths finishing as 17th woman in the wet and misty conditions which caused navigation issues for some runners.
69th Sioned Griffiths 1:54:38
99th Duncan Jones 1:57:03
There was a large turnout for the Conwy Half Marathon on Sunday with 15 Harriers amongst the nearly 3000 runners. Five of these runners had doubled up for the weekend having run in the Welsh Inter-regional Championships on Saturday. There was a  dry start to the race with no wind on the Great Orme however this changed as it started to rain about 90 minutes into the race. Shaun Hughes was one of the runners who ran the cross country the day before was the first harrier home, followed by Joe Welsh who was pacing other runners for a 1:30 time and Mat Jones. The first woman from the harriers was Mel Morris. Followed by Katy and Elen Baugh followed closely by Carys Davies. It was a first half marathon for Gwenno Williams who ran with Ian Jones. Also running were Bob Neale, David Jones, Dawn Marshall, Nicola Field, Graham Field and Luke Hughes.
30th Shaun Hughes 1.19.46
105th Joe Welch 1.29.13
361st Mat Jones 1.40.17
494th Mel Morris 1.43.23
657th Katy Baugh 1.46.51
659th Elen Baugh 1.46.52
695th Carys Davies 1.47.38
904th Bob Neale 1.51.27
1553rd David Jones 2.04.16
1628th Gwenno Williams 2.05.53
1630th Ian Jones 2.05.54
1884th Dawn Marshall 2.12.51
1890th Luke Hughes 2.12.12
2102nd Nicola Field 2.19.26
2259th Graham Field 2.25.01
Rob Parry ran an unusual half marathon is Coalport in Shropshire this weekend, on muddy, wet, slippery trails and potholed lanes – at night, using a head torch. The race started at sunset he ran with the aid of hi head torch to finally cross the line in a time of 2:29:43.
Saturday saw the completion of the Denbigh Harriers Run for fun 10 week course where runners are prepared to run a 5k race. This race took place at the Conwy Parkrun with the support of many Denbigh Harrier Run Leaders and friends.
166th Ceri JONES 00:28:45
186th Ian JONES 00:29:38
280th Alison LESTER-OWEN 00:35:50
281st Peter LESTER-OWEN 00:35:51
284th Roger SNAITH 00:36:24
285th Bob NEALE 00:36:42
301st Helen DAVIES 00:37:50
317th Dawn LEES 00:41:45
319th Dawn MARSHALL 00:41:51
320th Julie ROBERTS 00:41:52
340th Sally SMITH 00:59:12
342nd John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:59:14
Westpark Parkrun
84th Susan D HEWITT 00:38:50
Pont y Bala Parkrun
10th Chris BALDWIN 00:25:05
75354957_3083060688375061_7278964664631820288_o 76647953_160588308484245_2825873947151564800_n Screenshot 2019-11-18 at 11.45.00 emmac_collins&menai_baugh_welsh_masters IMG_3611
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Weekly Report 11/11/19

On Saturday four Denbigh Harriers braved the tough snowy conditions and headed over to Betws Y Coed to take part in the Betws 10 km trail race. The race climbs nearly 1000 feet from Betws y Coed up to Llyn Elsi and back following mainly off road tracks. The first harrier home was Gareth Rees Jones in 16th with a good time of 51 mins 25 secs. He was followed by Kate Wilson as 7th woman overall and back to great running form in 58 mins.30 secs. Next was Roger Snaith in 59mins.47secs and David Spencer in 1hr.06 .32secs showing great improvements in their performances due to some good off road training.
16th Gareth Jones 00:51:25
45th Kate Wilson 00:58:30
52nd Roger Snaith 00:59:47
95th David Spencer 01:06:09
Bushey Parkrun
603rd Sian PRITCHARD 00:27:09
Conwy Parkrun
170th Alison LESTER-OWEN 00:37:11
171st Peter LESTER-OWEN 00:37:13
189th Sally SMITH 00:47:35
190th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:47:36
Kate Wilson, David Spencer, Roge Snaith and Gareth Rees Jones before the Betws Trail 10k
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Johnson’s Monument Handicap Race Sunday 15th December

Rob Parry in charge – 10 a.m. start. More people than expected have shown an interest. Theoretically some of the small groups could be split up  with 30 seconds between individuals, which I would do for the shorter summer handicap, but racing is much easier in groups.

10.00 a.m. Jess, Ron

10.07 a.m. John LT, Rebekah

10.08 a.m. Dawn

10.10 David Sp, Jeff

10.12 Ruth, Caz,

10.14 Gwenan

10.16 Anwen, Roger

10.18 Kate W

10.19 Menai, Bob, Jon

10.22 Peter L

10.24 Ian, Arwel

10.25 Sioned, Victoria, Carys, Luke

10.27 Fred, Duncan

10.28 Elen, Katy, Mari, Tony B, Gareth

10.29 Hywel, Alaw, Caroline T-J, Tracey

10.30 Vic, Emma, Mel

10.32 David B, Phil, Huw, Rhian

10.34 Owen, Steve, Brett

10.34.30 Glen

10.36 Tony W, Dan

10.37 Joe

10.38 Shaun


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Weekly Report 2/11/19

There was a superb turnout for the Abergele 5k and 5 Miles races from Denbigh Harriers on Sunday.

In the 5k race there were four Denbigh Harriers for this windy out and back course at Pensarn. It was also good to see a number of the current Denbigh Run for Fun course, organised by Denbigh Harriers,  competing after only 8 weeks of their 10 week couch to 5K course.

54th Caroline Dawe 30:38
55th John LLewelyn Thomas 31:16
65th Dawn Lees 42:01
66th Ian Jones 44:01

In the 5 mile race which incorporated the North Wales Championships there were 16 Denbigh Harriers running who brought home a good haul of prizes. Emma Collins, Mel Morris and Menai Baugh all won their categories and North Wales Championships Gold Medals by large margins. Mel Morris knocked over three minutes off her personal best for this course with both Menai Baugh and Emma Collins improving on their last performance in this race.  Carys Davies was third in her category as was Fred Jones both showing strong improved performances. David Baugh and Rebekah Dumayne won bronze medals in the North Wales Championships. Tony Wood won the 1st corporate team frize as well as being the first Denbigh Harrier home. There were great PBs from Elen Baugh of over a minute and Jess Jones of over 3 minutes.

26 30:56 Anthony Wood 1st Corporate Team
52 33:33 Mathew Jones
61 34:13 David Baugh Vet 55 3rd NWCh
68 34:58 Emma Collins Vet 55 1st
69 35:02 Melina Morris Vet 45 1st
80 35:53 Tony Benton
88 36:36 Fred Jones Vet 65 3rd
96 37:25 Duncan Jones
99 37:40 Elen Baugh
114 38:57 Carys Davies Vet 40 3rd
120 39:16 Ian Jones
141 41:46 Menai Baugh Vet 60 1st
176 46:05 Ruth Crowther
191 48:42 Dawn Marshall
199 50:46 Rebekah Dumayne Vet 35 3rd NWCh
210 54:58 Jessica Jones

Conwy Parkrun

185th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:46:01
189th Sally SMITH 00:52:0

Stretford Parkrun

361st Dawn MARSHALL 00:34:09

Wepre Parkrun

23rd 2nd Woman Mari WILLIAMS 00:25:33


image3-1 image4 image0 image1

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Weekly Report 26/10/19

Huw Williams ran the Birmingham Running Festival 10k on Saturday. It was a two lap course of Sutton Park which was a lovely setting although hillier than anticipated with 400ft of climbing. Huw was happy with his personal best of 42:42.
Three Denbigh Harriers faced some truly awful rain for the start of the Snowdonia Marathon which thankfully eased up as the race got going. Alaw Medi running the race for the third time was just outside her best time for the race which is unsurprising given the conditions especially on the steep and slippery downhill finish. A veteran of the Snowdonia Marathon David Jones Had a good race in the conditions and was pleased with his finishing time. Another veteran of the race Peter Lester-Owen running his 50th marathon was not far behind.
753rd Alaw Medi 4.12.09
994th David Jones 4.27.39
1326th Peter Lester Owen 4.47.34
In the Porth Eirias 10k on Sunday morning the runners faced heavy rain and large puddles but this did not stop some great performances from the 5 Denbigh Harriers with four of them getting personal bests for 10k.   Displaying his continuing good form Joe Welsh was 6th overall followed by Mat Jones winning the M50 category and Mel Morris coming this in her age category.
25 42:24 Mathew Jones 1st M50
Four Denbigh Harriers took to the hills on Sunday to run in the Clwydian Hills Fell Race which is organised by the North Wales Search and Rescue team. This tough, true fell race starts from Cilcain, ascending steeply on to the Offa’s Dyke path, descending to the foot of Moel Arthur, traversing round Moel Famau, then ascending sharply up the gully to the Jubilee Tower before descending  back to Cilcain – a total of 9 miles/ 14.4.km  and 3000 feet/ 915m of ascent. The weather was very kind, sunny and bright which made the navigation much easier but the wet mud after recent, torrential  rain made conditions treacherous at times. First Harrier home and 23rd man in the race was Daniel Jones, followed by Katy Baugh who was Third Senior Lady in the race. Sioned Lloyd was next in, then Menai Baugh picking up the F6O trophy.
Conwy Parkrun
17th Emma COLLINS 00:22:32
141st Sally SMITH 00:45:51
142nd John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:45:52
Wepre PArkrun
11th David BAUGH 00:24:06
19th Elen BAUGH 00:26:0
Pont y Bala
22 Ruth CROWTHER 00:31:36
_USS2932 74436776_2461017974152241_4363562064065593344_o 73333460_1952406491572814_4233333600474365952_n 73177178_10157502338264156_7000228081759682560_n
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Weekly report 19/10/19

With some of Denbigh Harriers’ regular counters missing from the 2nd fixture of the North Wales Cross Country League in Colwyn Bay it looked likely to be a hard day for the club.  The course was very hilly and after the recent rain the farm fields were a quagmire over the 8.5k for the men and 4.9k for the women.  With fields of 180 runners in both races it was a great show of strength in depth for both the women and men’s teams. In the women’s race a superb performance from Rhian Pierce for 12th supported closely by Emma Collins 1st W55, Mel Morris and Katy Baugh meant that the team closed the gap on Buckley for 5th place in the league to one point. Having the strength in depth meant that the next three runners: Elen Baugh. Mari Williams and Tracey Williams (running in road shoes), pushed Buckley’s last counter back down the field and thus helping the team greatly. Carys Davies had a superb run in the tricky conditions and Menai Baugh retained her first place in the W60 standings. The M65s team took a bit of a hammering from Eryri and so slipped to 3rd team. Bob Neale (14th) just got ahead of Chris Baldwin (15th) and much to his credit Jeff Jones was remarkably collected despite a recent chest infection and finish in 22nd.  In the Men’s race the return of Joe Welch to finish in 26th was a great help to the team as were the best performances for two years from Tony Wood and Owen Conry. They were well supported by Glen Price stepping down from his recent ultra racing. As with the Women’s race David Baugh and Mat Jones finished ahead of other counters from other teams helping the team with their efforts thus moving the team up to 3rd place in the league.


12th Rhian Pierce 24.54 2nd W35

31st Emma Collins 27.21 1st W55

34th Mel Morris 27.38

41st Katy Baugh 28.03

46th Elen Baugh 28.29

48th Mari Williams 28.40

54th Tracey Williams 28.58 3rd W55

56th Carys Davies 29.15

78th Menai Baugh 31.14 1st W60

95th Kate Wilson 32.55

14th Bob Neale 34.51
15th Chris Baldwin 33.59
22nd Geoff Jones 37.36


26th Joe Welch 40.46

41st Tony Wood 42.20

61st Owen Conry  44.01

71st Glen Price 45.05

103rd David Baugh 47.40

108th Mat Jones 48.06

Seven  Denbigh Harriers made the short journey to Mold for the Flintshire 5k & 10k races. The races were run in near perfect conditions although with still a chill in the air for the earlier 5km and slightly warmer conditions for the 10k. Five Harriers ran the 5k race four of which where brave enough to do the double and ran the 10k namely:

Daniel Jones, Gwenno Williams, Dad & Daughter Ian & Jessica Jones.

Gwenno Williams achieved a personal best in the 5k race of 27.53 supported by Jeff Jones fresh from his exertions in the cross country the day before. The Harriers that ran today all enjoyed the race and performed well in a well organised race on the doorstep

5K Race

Daniel Jones. 19.22

Gwenno. Williams. 27.53

Jeff Jones. 27.57

Jessica Jones. 32.15

Ian Jones. 32.16

10K Race

Daniel Jones. 40.58

Steve Gadd. 42.39

Melina Morris. 45.03

Ian Jones. 50.29

Gwenno Williams. 56.58

Jessica Jones. 1.15.16

Rhian Pierce Colwyn Bay Cross Country Joe Welch Colwyn Bay Cross country. Mel Morris Flintshire 10K Ian and Jess Jones Flintshire 5&10K

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Weekly Report 12/10/19

Peter Lester-owen and Luke Hughs headed to Delamere forest for a nice run in the woods. Peter ran the Hell of a Marathon in 6:10:42 finishing 19th! Luke did the Hell Runner (half marathon) in 2:59:56 finishing in 225th out of just under 1000 runners. The course consisted of natural obstacles expected on forrest paths with numerous mud puddles ranging from ankle deep to head hight, fallen trees, river crossings, mud banks to scramble up and slide down and two lakes with hidden roots to cross. 

Two Harriers made the journey up the road to the Loggerheads Country Park for the Loggerheads 10 mile trail race on Saturday. A small field of 66 tackled the route; a tough, undulating trail race. The terrain is very varied, with some sections of road, technical rocky sections, steep woodland paths and riverside tracks all left slippery and muddy after days of rain. A few interesting long cuts and short cuts, after the directional arrows were tampered with, but still a friendly, fun start to the weekend. Mel Morris came in 3rd lady (2nd V40) 17th overall in 1.31.55. Carys Davies ran a great race to come in 11th lady, 35th overall 1.39.30.

One Denbigh Harrier travelled down to mid- Wales on Sunday to compete in the last race in the Welsh Fell Running Championship Series. The series started in February with the sunny, warm Clwydian Sheetracks race and conditions between the first and the last races could not have been more different! The threatening rain held off for Sunday’s Breidden Hills race but the three hills climbed were shrouded in cloud, the fields, the ascents and descents were muddy and slippery and the rock scramble off the second hill was wet and treacherous. But it was the same for everyone, and the same conditions as last year and Menai Baugh enjoyed the challenge of the varied terrain and 2300 feet of climb over the 7 mile course, finishing over three minutes faster than last year in a time of 1 hour 31 mins 37 secs. She won the series and secured the title of Welsh Fell Running Champion for females over 60. She also holds this year’s North Wales Fell Running title for F60. This is the second year in a row that Menai has achieved this championship double. 

Three Harriers took part in the popular Wiggle Manchester Half Marathon recording some great times. Phil Hayes finished in 1hr 34 minutes followed by Huw Williams in 1hr 42 minutes and Mari Williams with a personal best in 1hr 47 minutes. 


Chester Parkrun

20th David BAUGH 00:21:35
35th  2nd Woman Katy BAUGH 00:22:29 Personal Best
50th Elen BAUGH 00:23:23 Personal Best

Conwy Parkrun

296th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:46:10
297th Sally SMITH 00:46:11

72527131_10157716893163293_9037949558428008448_n Screenshot 2019-10-14 at 06.33.44 71969681_10156263132120443_3579640269512900608_n

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Weekly Report 5th Oct 2019

It was a very busy week of running for Denbigh Harriers with over 40 harriers competing in 10 events far and wide with two Harriers running twice.
Duncan Jones ran the Race on the Edge 9 mile trail race on Wenlock Edge in Shropshire. It was really enjoyable and completely off road with some sharp ascents and descents. His time was 91.54  and 3rd over 60
In the the first North Wales Cross Country fixture in Wrexham there were 20 Harriers taking part in this fast and furious flat race. In the women’s 6.6k race the first two Harriers home were Mel Morris and Alaw Medi Evans separated by 1 second. They were ably supported by Tracey Williams winning her category and Elen Baugh. Victoria Whitehead ran a strong race despite having run a hard long race the week before followed by Cary Davies , Kate Wilson and Menai Baugh who also won her age cetegory by one place.
Senior Women
33rd Melina Morris 26-27
34th Alaw Medi Evans 26-28
42nd Tracey Sian Williams 27-18 1stW55
52nd Elen Baugh 27-54
59th Victoria Whitehead 28-46
67th Carys Davies 29-30
101st Kate Wilson 32-25
108th Menai Baugh 33-02 1st F60
In the Men over 60 race There was a superb run from Fred Jones to come in 5th behind some top class opposition. The team was second overall.
5th Fred Jones 27-30
12th Chris Baldwin 30-19
26th Jeff Jones 34-48
In the Senior Men’s race Shaun Hughes Senior ran an excellent race on his return to competition to finish 15th he was supooted by the four counters for the team of Dan Jones, Huw Euron Williams and David Baugh. It was good to see new member Gareth Rees Jones racing for the first time and a big improvement from last year from Mark Jones.
15th Shaun Hughes 31-54
67th Daniel Jones 35-41
105th Huw Euron Williams 38-03
109th David Baugh 38-17
114th Mathew Jones 38-46
123rd Philip Hayes 40-02
131st Tony Benton 40-58
143rd Gareth Rees Jones 42-14
154th Mark Jones 45-17
Furhte afield Owen Conry ran the Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon in Minneapolis to finish 373th out of 6739 runners in a very good time of 3.13.18
In the Chester Marathon Joe Welch was acting as a pacer for those runners wanting to go under the 3 hour mark and he did the job admirably finishing in 2.59.38.  Caroline James was also running and had a great race to finish in 4.43.33.
136th Joe Welch 02:59:38,  2370th Caroline James 04:43:33
In the Bangor Bangor Half Marathon Cary Davies running her second race of the weekend continued her excellent form to run yet another great time. She was followed on this hilly course by Luke Hughes and Rob Parry.
129th Carys Davies 1.51.38,  215th Luke Hughes 2.01.15, 284th Rob Parry 2.13.46
In the Cardiff University Half Marathon the weather was excellent although warm for running. It was great to see 12 Harriers running it and a considerable number had never run a half before.  This is a very big event and the Harriers enjoyed the atmosphere and for many just crossing that line to see those smiles tears and emotions meant so much.
2350th David Jones 01:46:39
2917th Alaw Medi Evans 01:49:54
4944th Hywel Roberts 01:54:42
5421st Ian Jones 01:59:04
9415th Mike James 02:09:48
9530th Anwen Brown 02:14:22
11366th Lisa Dafydd 02:14:44
13696th Nicola Field 02:22:37
14155th Graham Field 02:26:47
14654th Julie Roberts 02:27:53
17809th John Thomas 02:49:37
18876th RebekahDumayne 03:03:18
18878th Jessica Jones 03:03:18
Bushey Parkrun
708th Sian PRITCHARD 00:26:02
Fell Foot Parkrun
57th Katy BAUGH 00:23:45
Conwy Parkrun
296th Sally SMITH 01:00:37
Gnoll Parkrun
113 John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:46:46
Cardiff Half Chester Marathon Caroline James Minneapolis Marathon Owen Conry Wrexham XC Women Wrexham XC Men
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October 2019 Results

In terms of weather this has been a ‘Goldilocks’ season: pretty dry, reasonable temperatures, and no gales. So 10C and heavy rain on top of several days of heavier rain meant that only the hardier committed souls turned up. Mud and soft grass does make a difference to the strength requirements and the fitter brethren and sorority gain an advantage in these circumstances. Flat, boring road it isn’t! A good prelude to the Cross Country on Saturday then. Anybody who got anywhere near their time of last month is clearly on the up and should be pleased. I am especially pleased at the close finishing with the first 14 within 70 seconds of the winning time. Not bad handicapping given the conditions. Officials Kate W and Rob made it all possible.

…………………………Finishing time….Actual time…….Points

1st Elen………………..6.38.03pm……….24m03…………73/5

2nd Tony W…………….38.05…………….19m35…………25/5*

3rd Tracey……………….38.15…………….24m15…………34/5*

4th Mat……………………38.18……………21m48…………59/5

5th Tony B……………….38.23……………23m23…………33/5*

6th Mel……………………38.33……………23m33…………43/5*

7th Luke………………….38.38…………….25m08………..57/5*

8th Duncan……………..38.42…………….24m42………..80/4

9th Carys…………………38.51……………..26m21…………9/1

10th Arwel……………….38.54…………….25m54…………56/5*

11th Glen………………….38.55…………….20m55…………46/4

12th Peter L………………38.58……………26m28………….53/5

13th Bob……………………39.08…………..27m08………….64/5*

14th Chris………………….39.12……………27m12………….77/4

15th Ruth…………………..39.29…………..34m29………….59/5*

16th Ruari………………….40.52…………..27m52………….48/5*

  • Best of five races.

The series has a very worthy winner in Tony W who got through to 2nd and therefore substituted this for his 14th in May, having already dropped a 25th and a 17th – illustrating the value of doing as many races as possible, especially when there is a lean month for numbers and lower scores are easier. Tony B played his cards very well and takes a good Silver. Victoria fell at the last hurdle, her 43 points being overtaken by Tracey for Bronze (as predicted in view of her improving form) and equalled by Mel. Mentioned in dispatches for finishing 6th-17th in the championship are Ruari, Peter L and Ron, Arwel, Luke, Mat and Ruth, Bob, Diane, Mark, and Elen who also completed the series with at least 5 races. Fastest Man was Shaun in May with 18m04. Joe did 18m27 and Tony W 18m48. Fastest lady, once again after all these years, was Emma who did 22m19. Katy did 22m21. Alaw has a faster official time but apparently she got lost and missed a bit.


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