Weekly Report 20/7/19

Saturday saw the 44th International Snowdon Race 2019 held in Llanberis and 5 Denbigh Harriers were there to take on the iconic race up and down Snowdon which is considered as one of the greatest in the world of mountain running, and attracts some of the best racers in Europe. Covering 9.5 miles and climbing over 3000ft the decent often causes fall and injuries and requires concentration the whole way. All the Harriers got up and down the course without falling and there was a personal best for Elen Baugh by 2 minutes. Newcomers to the  race, Luke Hughes, Huw and Mari Williams,  all bettered their practice times on the race by a large margin. David Baugh ran his race 4 minutes faster than last year.
193rd David Baugh 01:37:23
322nd Huw Williams 01:48:32
399th Mari Williams 01:55:03
427th Luke Hughes 01:57:26
443rd Elen Baugh 01:59:24
On Sunday two Harriers ran the Windmill Half Marathon in Lytham St. Annes. Race day gave them pleasant warm weather with head wind.  Hywel Roberts and Ian Jones decided to run the race together and just enjoy it. It was a two lap course along the sea front and flat. Hywel Roberts finished in 1.59.27 and Ian Jones  in 1.59.37.  Ian was happy with this time as this was his 11th Half Marathon in 11 months.
Parkrun results.
Conwy Parkrun
21st Philip HAYES 00:21:00
84th Bob NEALE 00:25:09
103rd Peter LESTER-OWEN 00:25:51 Personal Best
217th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:32:00
228th Eurian MITCHELMORE 00:33:02
162nd Sian PRITCHARD 00:27:15
19th Victoria WHITEHEAD 00:25:17

IMG_5863 67316434_2386495484937824_7344291963312537600_n 67334608_2386495394937833_7493522676481261568_n 67425980_10157487328968293_2193968160648986624_n

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Weekly Report 13/7/19

Sunday was a big day of running for 14 Denbigh Harriers in Snowdonia. The early starters were  Peter Lester-Owen and David Jones who did the mighty Ultra race climbing 7000ft of rough terrain over 37 miles which went 10 miles or so more than the Marathon which itself is longer than the official marathon  distance. David Jones in 9.42 arrived back in Llanberis a bit before Peter 9.49 having run most of the race together. Then we had the marathon runners who had to climb 5,250ft over their 27.4 miles. They were led home by Adam McDonnell in a great time of 5.17 in his first proper mountain run. He was followed in by Melina Morris 6.14, Sioned Griffiths 6.24, Katy Baugh 6.32, Menai Baugh 7.04 and Anwen Brown in  7.44 running her first marathon of any kind. Great achievements from them all on this very hard course. There were five harriers running the half marathon which after taking the runners up and down Snowdon gave them a nasty climb up the Llanberis quarry before the finish: Emma Collins 2.33, Roger Snaith 3.32, David Spencer 3.47, Dawn Marshall and Caroline Ann Parry in 4.21. Luke Hughes ran the 10k race at the same event finishing in 1.03.
Six Harriers took part in the scenic Druid Fell Race which starts and finishes by the Druid Inn, Llanferres on July 10th. The route climbs from the pub up to the top of Foel Fenlli and a loop around the hill before returning the same way. This involves a climb of nearly 1200 feet over 5 miles. Good conditions for this well established fell race though some unexpected showers made the course slippy in parts. Good performances by all with Tony Wood coming in an impressive 11th in 40.25. Other times – Duncan Jones, 58th in 49.10, Katy Baugh, 64th in 49.57, Tony Benton, 65th in 50.13, Ruari Benton, 75th in 53.25 and another first over 60 prize for Menai Baugh, 80th in a tremendous time of 54.42.
Kingston Parkrun
151st Sian PRITCHARD 00:26:21
Conwy Parkrun
2nd Joseph WELCH 00:18:27 PB
14th David BAUGH 00:20:42
213th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:30:43 PB
67191098_10157017597401293_2379489032481538048_n IMG_6623 IMG_6614 IMG_6610
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Weekly Report 6/7/19

This week saw the fifth Handicap race in the Summer series.  The 26 runners had nearly perfect running conditions for the race with some runners showing large improvements that will cause the handicapper headaches for next month. The winner was Caz Dawe followed by Kath Snaith and Nicola Field. The fastest man was Joe Welch who held off Tony Wood to finish in 18.27 and the fastest woman was Alaw Evans who did not know the route.
Two Harriers at took part in the Deestriders Off Road Grand Prix summer series race number 2 on Thursday. Duncan Jones was 40 seconds faster this month in 35:00 finishing in 30th place overall and 3rd in his category. Dawn Marshall was using this as a training run and just over a minute slower this month for 70th in 46:47
In the Ruthin 5k there was a huge Denbigh Harrier turnout of 27 Harriers for this evening race that produced some great times and eight runners achieving personal bests. In the field of 213 runners Denbigh Harriers were lead home in a tight race between Tony Wood and Dan Jones. In the end there was only 4 seconds separating them with Tony Wood finishing in 6th overall.  On the night there were age category prizes for Menai Baugh, Emma Collins, David Baugh and Ron Birch. There were personal bests for Katy Baugh, Ian Jones, Menai Baugh, Robert Parry, Hannah McDonnell, David Spencer, Helen Davies, Jess Jones,
17th 19:56 David Baugh 1st M50
28th 21:04 Emma Collins 2nd F50
34th 21:31 Katy Baugh 2nd Sen W PB
37th 21:44 Melina Morris 3rd F40
44th 22:38 Elen Baugh 3rd Sen W
51st 23:45 Ian Jones PB
74th 25:06 Menai Baugh 1st F60 PB
83rd 25:27 Robert Parry PB
92nd 26:08MikeJames
96th 26:30 Hannah McDonnell PB
107th 27:28DawnMarshall
109th 27:47 David Spencer PB
111th 27:44CarolineDawe
112th 27:55JulieRoberts
113th 27:57 Helen Falmai Davies PB
137th 30:48 Jessica Jones PB
142nd 31:06RebekahDumayne
154th 32:08IeuanWynne Lewis
165th 32:43 Christine Smith 3rd F60
199th 36:19DianeLloyd
200th 36:49 Ron Birch 2nd M80
Sunday saw the running of the Denbigh Harriers organised Fairy Freckled Cow Trail Race around the Llyn Alwen Reservoir. The race is over 11k distance with 177m ascent or 6.8miles and 582ft. This race was also the North Wales Trail Championships and was well attended with around 150 entries. The club provides 25 volunteers to marshal, organise and administrate this race and was lead by Race Director Duncan Jones. In perfect conditions 1st Man was Jon Bowie from Mercia Fell Runners in 37.50 breaking the course record, 2nd was Stephen Skates, Prestatyn in 39.34 and 3rd was Alun Williams Meirionydd in 39.39. In the women’s race 1st was Amie Bagnell, Prestatyn in 46.08, 2nd was Carolyn Stamper-Clark in 50.20 and 3rd was Jenna Bagnall Prestatyn in 51.01.  Leading twenty-three Denbigh Harriers home were Joe Welch in 5th and Emma Collins 4th Woman. There were Denbigh Harrier category prizes for Emma Collins F55, Melina Morris F45, Menai Baugh F60. In the North Wales Championships there were prizes for Joe Welch,   Emma Collins, Mel Morris, Menai Baugh and Julie Roberts.
Denbigh Harrier Results:
5th 43.06 Joseph Welch
19th 47.51 Huw Williams
28th 50.17 Philip Hayes
31st 51.05 Emma Collins
34th 51.2 Melina Morris
48th 54.2 Fred Jones
49th 54.39 Mari Williams
52nd 55.35 Mat Jones
59th 56.53 David Jones
62nd 57.35 Ruari Benton
68th 58.3 Luke Hughes
81st 62.1 Menai Baugh
88th 64.21 Robert Parry
101st 68.09 Caroline Dawe
106th 69.07 Ed Brown
108th 69.50 Rachel Jones
111th 71.22 Ruth Crowther
113th 71.55 Julie Roberts
114th 71.55 Michael James
129th 83.15 Dawn Marshall
133rd 84.41 Sali Powell
134th 84.46 Nicola Davies
135th 86.24 John Thomas
Parkrun Results:
189th Sian PRITCHARD 27:22
248th Meirion Wyn ROBERTS 35:40
18th Tony BENTON 22:45
36th Ruari BENTON 24:15
Pont Bala
3rd David BAUGH 20:27
8th Elen BAUGH 23:48
28 John Llewelyn THOMAS 30:03
66049377_10211942851526073_8254509607666319360_n 66611602_10157639023101019_7880053373590831104_o 65892118_1201686283347107_2995789712444096512_o IMG_8382 IMG_8335
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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 29/6/19

Saturday was a sad day for many runners in the Vales of Clwyd as it was the 35th and last Bodelwyddan Castle Parkrun due to the grounds no longer being avaiable for this free and volunteer led run for all abilites. Denbigh Harriers were there in numbers with 22 running with others volunteering and supporting. A record turnout was achieved with some runners travelling huge distances to take part.  Joe Welch was a superb 3rd place with Emma Collins coming in as 2nd woman and wining the Age grade race by quite a margin.  The competition between club members enabled Peter Lester Owen, Helen Davies and John Llewelyn Thomas achieve a personal bests. There were age category wins for: Elen Baugh, Mari Williams, Joe Welch, David Baugh, Mel Morris, Emma Collins and Menai Baugh.
3rd Joseph WELCH 00:19:15
16th David BAUGH 00:21:34
31st Emma COLLINS 00:23:10
36th Mathew JONES 00:23:29
44th Melina MORRIS 00:24:08
47th Tony BENTON 00:24:13
51st Mari WILLIAMS 00:24:24
55th Elen BAUGH 00:24:35
57th Katy BAUGH 00:24:42
59th Victoria WHITEHEAD 00:24:52
84th Ruari BENTON 00:26:02
97th Ian JONES 00:26:26
104th Menai BAUGH 00:26:44
105th Peter LESTER-OWEN 00:26:47
165th Sarah BAYLISS 00:30:02
171st Helen DAVIES 00:30:38
178th Julie ROBERTS 00:31:02
208th Nicola FIELD 00:33:16
242nd John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:35:52
300th Diane LLOYD 00:41:50
301st Mari JONES 00:41:54
347th Volunteer Tail-walker Meirion Wyn ROBERTS 00:57:41
There was one Denbigh Haarrier at Southport half marathon on Sunday. It was billed as flat and fast course , hopes were high for a good time butthere was a strong headwind to rival RunFest last weekend, Dawn Marshall was delighted to comfortably run every step and finish in 2:16:40.
Other Parkrun results:
8th Manfredi TORALDO 00:22:40
245th Sian PRITCHARD 00:29:36
Mari Williams chasing Elen Baugh
Ian Jones
Mat Jones
The finish of Bodelwyddan Castle Parkrun
Peter Lester-Owen
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August Start List

Very much the high end of the series as far as the championship goes, with Tony W and Victoria leading the pack but Ruari is a potential dark horse and several others have 4 races so far with competitive scores, and still three races to go.

6.29 pm. Mari J

6.30 Ron

6.31 Jess

6.33 Eurian, Teleri

6.33.30 Diane, John L-T

6.34 pm. Wendy, Bronwen, Rebekah, Kath S

6.35 Angela

6.36 Mike Hb, Helen D, Jill, Littlekath, Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

6.36.30 Nicola

6.37  Kate W, Jeff, Paul J, Hannah, Julie, David Sp

6.37.30 Ruth, Dawn

6.39 Caz

6.40 Rob P, Katherine E, David S, Andy M, John G

6.40.30 Roger, Gwenan

6.41 Sarah, Ed

6.41.30 Dizzy Liz, Bill (Wil A), Anwen

6.42 Menai

6.42.30 Sali, Arwel, Chris, Peter L, Bob

6.43 Ruari, Gerwyn, Jon, Dan S, Mark W, Mark J

6.43.30 Fred, Ian J, Paul G, Luke

6.44 Sioned, Mari W, Tracey

6.44.30 Elen

6.45 Tony B, Victoria, Mel

6.45.30 Ceri B, Ceri D, Duncan

6.46 Rhian, Alaw, Emma, Katy, Adam

6.46.30 Brett, Phil, Owen, David B

6.47 Steve, Mat

6.47.30 Hywel, Huw, Vic

6.48 Glen

6.48.30 Dan J

6.49 Joe, Tony W

6.49.30 Shaun

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July results

Clearly, from the photos on facebook it was a wonderful evening for running and I’m very disappointed not to have been there. However, Rob , Kate, and Sali obviously coped well with the close finishes. Caz dramatically improved, even compared to her previous good run in May – Handicappers hate these rapidly improving people! Other significant improvements were registered by Peter and Ruari; and Anwen seems back on target too. Alaw was quick, but interesting that she didn’t catch Mel. Tony W is right back in there and from the photos he tried to run away from Joe at the beginning which was a bold tactic against a distance specialist. Steve Ovett would have sat on him and kicked off the last concrete circle. Just saying. And woe betide anyone who asks who S.Ovett was!

In terms of the championship, Tony W and Victoria have both completed their 5 races and can start to discard their worst positions.

Place Finish time Name Start time Nett time  Points
1 07:05:38 PM Caz 6:37:30 PM 0:28:08  26/3
2 07:06:11 PM Kath S 6:33:00 PM 0:33:11  2/1
3 07:06:39 PM Nicola F 6:36:00 PM 0:30:39  3/1
4 07:06:57 PM Joe W 6:48:30 PM 0:18:27  4/1
5 07:07:03 PM Peter L 6:42:00 PM 0:25:03  41/4
6 07:07:13 PM Tony W 6:48:30 PM 0:18:43 50/5
7 07:07:20 PM Rauri 6:43:00 PM 0:24:20  44/4
8 07:07:22 PM Mari W 6:44:00 PM 0:23:22  14/2
9 07:07:23 PM Fred 6:43:30 PM 0:23:53  34/2
10 07:07:24 PM Melina 6:45:00 PM 0:22:24  45/3
11 07:07:33 PM Vic B 6:47:30 PM 0:20:03  44/3
12 07:07:38 PM Ron 6:30:00 PM 0:37:38   42/3
13 07:07:41 PM Tony B 6:45:00 PM 0:22:41   42/4
14 07:07:41 PM Glen 6:48:00 PM 0:19:41   35/3
15 07:07:42 PM John L-F 6:33:30 PM 0:34:12   15/1
16 07:07:49 PM Alaw 6:46:00 PM 0:21:49   16/1
17 07:07:57 PM Ruth 6:37:30 PM 0:30:27   59/4
18 07:08:18 PM Victoria W 6:45:00 PM 0:23:18   47/5
19 07:08:40 PM Arwel 6:42:30 PM 0:26:10   80/4
20 07:08:56 PM Ian J 6:43:30 PM 0:25:26  54/3
21 07:08:58 PM Anwen 6:42:00 PM 0:26:58  36/3
22 07:09:07 PM Gwenan 6:41:00 PM 0:28:07  53/2
23 07:09:35 PM Luke 6:44:00 PM 0:25:35  58/4
24 07:09:43 PM Mari J 6:30:00 PM 0:39:43  45/3
25 07:11:54 PM Roger 6:40:30 PM 0:31:24  36/4
26 07:11:55 PM Bob 6:42:30 PM 0:29:25  67/4
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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 22/6/19

It was a very busy week of running for Denbigh Harriers starting with the final race in the Tuesday Evening Fell Race Series held in Llanberis. It was a short, fast 3 km fell race ascending and descending fastly, finishing up -hill. Menai Baugh ran the race more than a minute faster than last year in 20 minutes 15 secs.,knocking 54 secs off the F60 record and winning the F60 category and the F60 series -winning her age category in 7 of the 12 races
Saturday saw Victoria Whitehead chose a tough mountain race for her return to racing after months of injury. This year’s Moel Hebog mountain race was a counter in the Welsh Fell Running Championships series and is a very challenging race ascending 2,400ft, for two and a half miles from Beddgelert up a steep. rocky track where, nearer the  top of the ridge hands and feet are needed to climb up the rocks .The descent is very steep –  tricky and technical with potential for serious trips and falls. Victoria finished in a very decent time of 1 hour 30 minutes, followed by Menai Baugh in her second age category win and mountain race of the week, finishing in 1 hour 35 minutes and winning the F60 age- category prize.
On Sunday three. Harriers took on the 10 miles Moel Y Gamelin Fell Race which climbs 2300’.  Mari Williams had a great race and won the first senior woman prize in 1 hour 52 minutes with Duncan Jones and Katy Baugh also competing in the race.
On Sunday twelve Harriers competed in the Runfest Rhyl races over 5k, 10k and Half Marathon distance. The warm weather and strong breeze had an effect on performances especially in the longer distances. The 5k saw prizes for Mel Morris, Elen Baugh, Menai Baugh and Caroline Dawe plus a personal best for Caroline.
5K results
24th David Baugh 19:48
38th Mel Morris 21.32 North Wales Championships 3rd F45
44th Elen Baugh 22.53 1st Senior Woman
56th Menai Baugh 25.19 North Wales Championships 1st F60
71st Caroline Dawe 27.25 North Wales Championships 2nd Senior Woman PB
The 10k saw a season’s best time for Dawn Marshall and a personal best for Jess Jones
10k results
84th Helen Davies 58.05
85th Dawn Marshall 58.17 Season Best
98th Julie Roberts 59.04
146th Jess Jones 69.21 Personal Best
In the Half Marathon Mat Jones had a great run despite managing to get lost in Prestatyn to finish in 13th place. Both Ian Jones and Rob Parry felt the conditions but finished in good form.
13th Mat Jones 1:37:32
61st Ian Jones 1:56:32
92nd Rob Parry 2:13:06
Paul Goffey ran the Penny Lane Striders 10k on Sunday. This is an out and back route along the Mersey with a little detour into Otterspool park. Paul got round in 48:58, some way off what he was hoping for.
Parkrun result:
Conwy Parkrun
85th Joseph WELCH 00:25:03
Bodelwyddan Castle Parkrun
13 thDavid BAUGH 00:23:39
58th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:37:08
Mari Williams winning 1st Senior Woman on Moel y Gamelin
Denbigh Harriers at Runfest Rhyl
Menai Baugh on Moel Hebog
Victoria Whitehead on Moel Hebog
Jess Jones on the way to her 10k Personal Best.
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July Start List

Tuesday evening, 2nd July. Should be slightly less wet, I guess. This will be quite an important one for the series championship – the current ‘front runners’ being Victoria and Tony W, but I wouldn’t bet against Roger.

6.30 pm. Mari J, Ron

6.31 Jess

6.33 Eurian, Teleri, Kath S

6.33.30 Diane, John L-T

6.34 pm. Wendy, Bronwen, Rebekah

6.35 Angela

6.36 Nicola F, Mike Hb, Helen D, Jill, Littlekath, Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

6.37  Kate W, Jeff, Paul J, Hannah, Julie, David Sp

6.37.30 Ruth, Dawn, Caz

6.40 Rob P, Katherine E, David S, Andy M, John G

6.40.30 Roger

6.41 Gwenan, Sarah, Ed

6.41.30 Dizzy Liz, Bill (Wil A)

6.42 Menai, Anwen, Peter L

6.42.30 Sali, Arwel, Chris, Bob

6.43 Ruari, Gerwyn, Jon, Dan S, Mark W, Mark J

6.43.30 Fred, Ian J, Paul G

6.44 Sioned, Mari W, Tracey, Luke

6.44.30 Elen

6.45 Tony B, Victoria, Mel

6.45.30 Ceri B, Ceri D, Duncan

6.46 Rhian, Alaw, Emma, Katy

6.46.30 Brett, Phil, Owen, David B

6.47 Steve, Mat

6.47.30 Hywel, Huw, Vic

6.48 Glen

6.48.30 Dan J,  Joe W, Tony W

6.49 Shaun

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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 15/6/19

Tuesday night was the penultimate race of the Tuesday Evening Fell Race Series and Menai Baugh was there in her bid to retain her age category title. This 4.5 mile  race was at Abergwyngregyn – starting up a grassy hill with over 800 ft of steep climb within the first mile. The route follows a grassy track to Aber Falls followed by another 400ft climb before the long mile and a half descent down to the finish. Menai’s time was  50 minutes 11 seconds, securing the first F60 prize and a two minute improvement on last year’s time.

Saturday saw Tony Wood  taking on the 20k Foel Fras fell race with 1077m of climbing.  Although the race is named after on hill it actually takes you up another substantial hill Drum (770 m) before getting to Foel Fras. After the stunning views from Foel Fras the race then climbs Moel Gweliian before heading back to the finish over three more hills; yr Arya, Drosgl and Moel Wnion.  This mountain journey took Tony a creditable 2h23’20.

Also at the weekend Sioned Lloyd ran the Coed y Brenin Trail Half Marathon which climbs over 2,000 feet on rough paths and track having only decided to do it two weeks ago. Sioned still managed to knock 11 mins off her last course personal best finishing in  2.21.

With many local Parkruns called off because of the weather on Saturday the Harriers had limited choices for participation. This did not stop Mari Williams from achieving a great personal best in Cardiff.

Cardiff Parkrun

153rd    Mari WILLIAMS    00:22:51 PB

Conwy Parkrun

11th    Victor BELSHAW    00:20:34
15th    David BAUGH    00:20:54
60th    Katy BAUGH    00:23:51
64th    Elen BAUGH    00:24:0

Tony Wood – Foel Fras


Menai Baugh – Abergwyngregyn

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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 8/6/19

In the Denbigh Harriers monthly Summer handicap race this week numbers were a little depleted possibly due to the torrential rain. However 24 Harriers ventured out in the rain to run on the 3 mile course over soggy fields around Denbigh. The first three runners to finish were 1st Roger Snaith, 2nd Diane Roberts and 3rd Tony Wood.
On Wednesday Tony Wood raced in a fell race called The Beast which is actually a 4.5 mile race in Maeshafn near Llanferres that climbs 1,200’,  mostly in the first mile. Tony ran the race and finished strongly in 40:34 improving on his previous best for this race.
Just 2 Harriers at the first race of the Deestriders off road series. Duncan Jones and Dawn Marshall pulled on their green vests for this mixed terrain race. A couple of laps of the cricket pitch followed by a couple of cross-country laps before finishing with a reverse lap of the cricket pitch, this race has everything – long grass, narrow overtaking places and though there isn’t much climb, there is a lovely steep bank to get up – twice! Good runs for both Duncan Jones and Dawn Marshall in 35:40 and 45:40 respectively though the official results aren’t out yet. Both found it slower underfoot than previously on this course.
Parkrun Results
Kingston Parkrun
153rd Sian PRITCHARD 00:26:0
Conwy Parkrun
29th Emma COLLINS 00:22:1
Roger Snaith followed by Dianne Roberts in the monthly handicap series
Tony Wood in the latter stages on the Beast Fell Race
Dawn Marshall  in the Deestriders off road series
Duncan Jones in the Deestriders off road series
Emma Collins in the Conwy Parkrun
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