May Handicap Start List

No obvious front runner for the championship – which is as it should be. Adjustments to last month mean it should be tighter over the line. Keep the 2nd Tuesday in May free for this one. Actually that is May 9th. Signatures for the Castles Relay will also be requested now that we have the form. This includes reserves, please.

6.27pm Rachel

6.30pm Bronwen, Joanne, Vicky, Jess

6.30.30 Diane

6.33 Ruth, Kellie, Wendy

6.33.30 Sarah, Ron, Kath S

6.34 Nicola

6.34.30 Helen D

6.35 Jeff, John W

6.36 Colin

6.37 Andy M, Caroline, Jill

6.37.30 Dawn, Gwenan, Ed, Roger, Ruari

6.38 LittleKath

6.39 Menai, Kate W, Rob P, Bethan, Rhian WJ

6.39.30 Wayne, Peter E

6.40 Anwen, Sian

6.40.30 Sioned, Mei, Sali, Elen, Bob, Katherine E, David Sp

6.41 Shaun J, Jon, David S, Ian, Chris, Adam, Mike Hu

6.41.30 Llyr, Mike Hb, Dan S, Rob G, Katy B, Paul G

6.42.30 Victoria, Fred, Gerwyn, Duncan

6.43 Rhian, David D, Ceri B, Rich

6.43.30 Tony B, Emma, Ceri D

6.44 Martyn F, Martin C, Owen, Joe C, Craig

6.45 David B, Tom, Dan J, Vic

6.45.30 Glen

6.46 Tony W

6.47 Shaun H, Joe W

6.48 John M

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