July Handicap Results

First place for the July race went to Tony Wood, very closely followed by Tony B, with Menai in third.
Helen Davies (the runaway leader so far this year) was a DNF with a turned ankle – here’s hoping for a speedy recovery. A couple of other people also struggled in the very hot and humid conditions.
Mini-cows put paid to a few people – they are very able to get into the funnels leading to the gates, but less able to reverse out !
In terms of the overall points race, it now starts to get interesting – this year it’s back to the usual best 5 results, out of 8 possible races.
Helen Davies is in a good place, with 15 points from 4 races.
Tony Benton looks a long way off with 33 points from 4, but if he can drop his 24th place from April later in the season then will certainly be able to challenge.
Menai Baugh has completed 5 races for 45 points – a 13th and 16th place to be got rid of could easily see her in the low 20s
The only other person with 5 races completed out of 5 is Peter Lester-owen – also on 45 points, with a 19th place to dispose of
With 3 races to go, it’s all to play for !
The next race will be on Tuesday 2nd August. Hope to see you there !

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