Johnson’s Handicap Start List 2018 (postponed from 2017)

Sunday 11th March 2018 – Revised date after previous arrangements in December 2017 were wiped out by blizzard.

Compiling this list is an evolving programme, there being so many new runners that there will be a lot of changes over the next few weeks in order to get a fair arrangement in which all have an even chance of winning (except Duncan, who has won it too many times before). Obviously there are a lot of new members who might want to run but about whom I have no track record to work from – and some older members with recent injuries or whom I have inadvertently forgotten. Please respond on the club facebook site with recent performance and I can add to this skeleton. This race is over a hilly multi-terrain course of 6 miles starting and finishing at the Leisure Centre.

We do need somebody to be timekeeper and one other person, please, to give out the finishing discs. Hopefully we will also have the club’s digital clock.

09.55am Rachel

10.02 Bronwen, Moe

10.03 Diane, Joanne, Kellie, Angharad

10.05 Ron, Wendy

10.06 Vicky, Ruth

10.10 Kath S, Sharon, Dawn

10.12 Tracey, Jeff, Lisa

10.13 Hannah M, Claire Sp, Nicola

10.14 Rhian WJ, Ffion

10.15 Colin, Helen

10.16 Andy M, LittleKath, Adam

10.17 Ruari, Rob P, Caroline

10.19 Gwenan, Bethan, Anwen, Sarah

10.20 David Sp, Roger, Martin J

10.21 Menai, Kate W, Abigail, Paul J

10.22 Mei, Peter E, Gareth E

10.23 Iain, Chris (guest)

10.25 Llyr, Katherine E, Jon W

10.26 Shaun J, Elen, Mel, Bob, Arwyn, David S, Sioned, Sali

10.27 Ian J, Gerwyn, Chris, Mike H, Rob G, Fred

10.28 Katy B, Alaw

10.29 Dan S

10.30 Ceri D, Ceri B, Tony B, David J, Hywel, Victoria, Emma

10.31  Mike Hb

10.32 Mat, David D, Jon F, Duncan

10.33 Phil, Outfit Joe, Martin C, David B

10.34 Owen, Tom J

10.35 Vic, Craig

10.36 Dan J, Glen, Brett

10.38 Tony W, Joe W

10.40 Shaun H



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