Baschurch Cross Country

The longest journey for us – about 1 hour 20 minutes to get there in a reasonably priced car – but think how the extra distance might put off clubs further west. Important because the women still have a chance of finishing in the first three teams (i.e. medals!!) as they did last year. But it requires the best team we can muster, backed up by lots of moral support from everyone who can get round 3 miles of flat-ish fields (which is most of you) and partake in the cake-wielding exercises at the end. If the team includes Ceri D, Tracey,¬†Emma, Victoria, Katy, and Ceri B then we have a chance. ¬†Third place is still only 50 points ahead. We can all see Tracey wrap-up her second W50 championship win too because she only needs one more decent result to clinch this year’s title even before Oswestry!

As for the men – just be there guys, we still need as many to turn up as possible to stay somewhere halfway up division two (there’s glory for you!).


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