August Summer Handicap results

On another lovely evening (warm with light winds), a far smaller contingent turned up to do the handicap in August. Summer holidays and the return of ‘proper’ races, I suppose.

Paul J continues to outpace the handicapper’s best efforts to rein him in, and after this latest race his grip on the trophy looks to be unassailable – he’s still got to complete at least one more race, but it looks to be a mere formality to him now. Congratulations on such an impressive and sustained level of improvement through the year.
In the minor places, it is all to play for. Mel has dropped a couple of poor early results (24th and 19th) to shoot up the leaderboard, and still has a 15th place that she could potentially get rid of. Elen has a 21st place to drop, which would propel her into the placings. It’s tougher for Menai, David, Tony W, Peter, Ed and Lee, who’ve already dropped their poor results, and will have to have good races to improve much further. A number of people are on 5 (or even 4) results, which means they could come into play late on.
The September race will be at 6:30pm on 7th September, as usual this year you are welcome to race it on the night or virtually.
August Handicap Results
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