2020 Official Johnson’s Handicap Race – 20th December.

Your chance to end the year on a positive note in what I think is the 29th edition of this prestigious club event. The current course is only just over 6 miles (6.04 on several different Garmins) and has recently changed, marginally, with a finish on tarmac down the new cycle path. The original, which started and finished at the front of the Leisure Centre alongside the pedestrian traffic lights (which didn’t then exist) was closer to 10K but after the carpark was extended circa 1996 it was felt dangerous to  run across it and so the distance became 6 miles. The finish in 2009 and 2010 had to be back along the road due to fences around the fields and so they were slightly longer races.  We are hoping to have cake and coffee in the carpark afterwards. Silly hats may be worn.

09.50am Tracey (walking)

10.00am Mari J, Ron.

10.02 Diane, Sue

10.03 Kath S, John L-T, Bronwen

10.05 Claire Sp, Rhian WJ, Meirion, Sian

10.07 Helen D, Nicola, LittleKath, Caz, Rebekah, Jess

10.08 Ruth, Andy M, John G, Dizzy Liz

10.10 Katherine E, Paul J, Dawn, Julie

10.11 Ieuan, Jeff

10.12 Gwenan

10.13 Rob, Ed

10.14 Sarah

10.18 Dan S, Roger, David Sp, Will A

10.20 Bob, Menai, Mark J, Chris, Anwen

10.21 Jon, Kate W, Carys

10.22 Ian J, Abigail, Ruari, Gerwyn

10.24 Peter, Fred, Arwel, Suzi, Duncan

10.25 Lisa, Lee, Elen

10.26 Luke, Chris R, Gareth P, Mari W, Alaw, Victoria

10.27  Tony B

10.28 Katy B, Sioned, Ceri D

10.30 Emma, Mel, Rhian, Catherine TJ

10.31 Paul G

10. 32 Gareth, Hywel, Phil, David B, Mat

10.33 Vic, Owen, Steve, Adam

10.34 Huw, Brett, Glen

10.36 Dan J,  Joe

10.38 Tony W, Shaun

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