Noel Morris 2018 Handicap April Start List

The races this year will be on the first Tuesday evening of each month starting on 3rd April. This change to the first Tuesday is to try to accommodate the Fell runners and not clash with their midweek fell series. Not sure if I have captured all the new people (and some older ones) who might want to do this, but turn up on the night if you’ve been missed. If anybody who is injured would like to help officiate, that would be great and might allow me to run.

6.30 Ron

6.32 Angharad, Kath S, Bronwen, Sharon

6.33 Ruth, Kelley, Wendy, Dawn, Vicky

6.35 Jeff, John W

6.36 Helen D, Colin, Jill, Littlekath, Hannah, Claire Sp, Nicola

6.37 Andy M, Rhian WJ, Rob P, Paul J, Tracey

6.38 Llinos, Sarah, Gwenan, Anwen

6.38.30 Menai, Mei

6.39 Wayne, Peter E, Roger, Bethan, Kate W, Ed

6.39.30 David Sp, Jon, Ruari, Ivie, Abigail

6.40  Sioned,  Shaun J, Sali, Katherine E, Rhian P

6.40.30 Elen, Llyr, Bob, Chris, David S, Adam, Iain, Mel

6.41 Mike Hb, Rhian GJ, Gerwyn, Rob G

6.41.30  Dan S, Mike Hu, Rich, Ian J

6.42 Fred, Paul G, Duncan, Alaw, Katy B

6.42.30 David D, Tony B, Emma, Victoria, Ceri B

6.43 Ceri D, Joe C

6.43.30 Jon F, Mat, Phil, Martin C

6.44 David B

6.44.30 Owen, Brett

6.45 Tom, Vic, Craig

6.45.30 Dan J, Steve

6.46 Joe W, Glen

6.47 Tony W

6.47.30 Shaun H

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