The 2020 Summer Handicap Series begins.

Sunday March 1st, 10am start. New course of just over 2 miles – start and finish roughly where we did 7 or 8 years ago but just the one lap instead of the tough two laps we did then. The hard, wide track there now makes it an easier location. To break up the bigger start groups and avoid big queues at the kissing gates on the way out I will make the handicaps in 20 second intervals. How you handle the gates on the way back will influence your tactical choice as to when to deploy your finishing kick. At the moment (19th Feb) the fields are firmer than anticipated except of course for the churned up gateways. Anybody wishing to help officiate will be most welcome.

10.00am Mari J, Ron, Bronwen.

10.02 Diane, Meirion

10.04 Rebekah, Kath S

10.04.20 Jess, Sali

10.04.40 Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

10.05 John L-T, Helen D, Nicola

10.05.20 LittleKath

10.06 Ruth, Dawn, Andy M

10.08 Paul J, John G, Dizzy Liz

10.08.20 Katherine E, Rob P

10.08.40 Julie, Gwenan

10.09.00 Sarah, Kaz, David Sp, Jeff

10.09.20 Hannah, Ed

10.10.20 Kate W, Roger, Jon

10.10.40 Anwen, Dan S

10.11.00 Arwel, Menai

10.11.20 Bob, Chris B, Peter L

10.11.40 Ruari, Gerwyn, Mark J

10.12.20 Ian J, Chris R

10.12.40 Luke, Sioned, Carys

10.13.00 Mari W, Victoria, Fred

10.13.20 Paul G, Ceri D

10.13.40 Tracey, Elen, Alaw, Katy B

10.14.00 Catherine TJ, Tony B

10.14.20 Emma, Mel, Duncan

10.14.40 Rhian

10.15.00 Gareth, Hywel, Steve

10.15.20 Phil

10.15.40 David B, Vic, Mat

10..16.00 Owen

10.16.20 Glen, Adam

10.16.40 Huw, Brett

10.17.00 Dan J, Tony W

10.17.20 Joe

10.17.40 Shaun



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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 1/2/20

Saturday was the final fixture of the North Wales Cross Country League which always can be an anxious day because this is when titles are won and lost as well as the peril of relegation and the joy promotion in the air. Denbigh Harriers turned out one of its strongest teams of the season to make sure there were no unexpected surprises. A total of 22 Denbigh Harriers went to Oswestry to compete against 27 other clubs for the prizes on offer. Despite the fine weather the course presented the usual set of obstacles of hills and mud with the added bonus of streams to cross. The women ran a 5k course with Rhian Pierce running one of her best races of the season to clinch the bronze category F35 prize. Emma Collins was in a close battle for her age category but in the end produced an emphatic gold winning race in her F55 category. Alaw Medi was one place behind her in her best race of the season with Mel Morris a further place back missing an F45 bronze medal by one place. There was a strong runs from Katy Baugh, Mari Williams and Carys Davies to push competitor teams back.  Menai Baugh ended the season with an excellent run to win the F60 category gold. This superb team performance meant that Denbigh Harriers ended up fourth in Division 1, just missing missing out on third. Interestingly they were also the second Welsh team in the league. The team also won the masters silver medal. 


16th Rhian Pierce 22.16

27th Emma Collins 22.59

28th Alaw Medi 23.06

29th Mel Morris 23.11

36th Katy Baugh 23.35

48th Mari Williams 24.12

55th Carys Davies 24.56

82nd Menai Baugh 27.19

In the M65+ 5k race Fred Jones was on form finishing in 4th and winning the Bronze medal for the age group With his teammates Chris Baldwin, Bob Neale and Jeff Jones they were rewarded for their consistent performance over the season with a silver team medal. 

Men Over 65

4th Fred Jones 24.15

9th Chris Baldwin 26.59

14th Bob Neale 28.25

18th Jeff Jones 29.55

The men ran an 8.5k course which by this time had become even muddier and churned up making it difficult to maintain running  rhythm. Despite this there was an excellent run from Shaun Jones for his best performance of the season to finish 12th in this very high class field. He was well supported by improved performances from Joe Welch and Tony Wood with Huw Williams having the his race of the season finishing 30 seconds ahead of Glen Price who was recovering from illness. On the day Mat Jones got the better of David Baugh and Duncan Jones using his skill on the hills finished ahead of Tony Benton. Gareth Powell had his first taste of Cross Country with Denbigh Harriers and hopefully will become a regular next season.  These results ensured that Denbigh comfortably secured promotion to Division 1 and received the runners up silver medals for Division 2. 


12th Shaun Hughes 33.38

45th Joe Welch 36.39

56th Tony Wood 37.31

72nd Huw Williams 38.43

76th Glen Price 39.15

93rd Matthew Jones 40.46

97th David Baugh 40.54

121st Duncan Jones 44.22

127th Tony Benton 45.00

141st Gareth Powell 47.22


Conwy Parkrun

267th John Llewelyn THOMAS 01:00:58

Wepre Parkrun

44th Joseph WELCH 00:26:55

DH-OswestryXC-women DH-OswestryXC-Men Mel Morris DH-Fred-Jones-OsXC

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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 11/1/20

Saturday saw the penultimate fixture of the North Wales Cross Country League held in Shrewsbury. Although Shrewsbury is not in Wales Shropshire and Cheshire clubs compete in this league too. This was a new course and proved to be much hillier than expected. In the women’s race of 5.5 kilometres there was a large turnout from Denbigh Harries and other clubs, especially from local Shropshire clubs. First home for the women in a field of 137 runners was Rhian Pierce in 20th overall in 20m29s who found the course hard work. She was followed by Emma Collins in 26th place in 25m05s and first F55. After a good race between the two Emma was closely followed by Mel Morris at 28th in 25m19s. Staying ahead of her sister the next Denbigh Harrier home was Katy Baugh at 39th in 26m21s with Elen Baugh at 45th in 27m00s.  The next Harrier home was Alaw Medi in 52nd (27m48s) followed by Mari Williams in 55th (28m12s) and Carys Davies in 63rd (28m37s). Menai Baugh kept her North Wales age group title bid on course with a good run finishing in 83rd (30m50s) and as 2nd F60. This performance put the women 3rd on the day and 4th in Division 1. 

In the M65+ race run over the same course as the women Fred Jones put in another strong performance to finish 7th in 27m36 followed in 13th by Bob Neale (30m22s), Chris Baldwin in 15th (30m47s) and Jeff Jones in 19th in 33m12s. This result puts the team in 3rd place but with all to run for in the last fixture.

The Men’s team was a little depleted on the day with a couple of usual high placing runners absent or carrying injuries. Nevertheless, there was a strong performance from the team meaning that if everyone turns up for the final fixture in February the men will be making a return to Division 1. The team was led home on the 8.3 kilometre four lap course by Joe Welch in 60th (34m42s) who was not fully fit for the race. With a superb final lap Glen Price was 70th in 35m44s ahead of the closely packed Owen Conry in 81st (36m36s), Huw Euron Williams 88th (36m54s) and David Baugh 89th (37m02s). Mat Jones who was also carrying an injury was 112th in 39m06s with Duncan Jones finishing in 129th (40m50s) beating Tony Benton 133rd in 41m16s.


Bushy Parkrun

824th Sian PRITCHARD 00:28:34

Conwy Parkrun

21st  Philip HAYES 00:22:27

247th John Llewelyn THOMAS 01:03:21

Wepre Parkrun

38th Victor BELSHAW 00:25:41

82007439_2533253263595378_7823022036170571776_n IMG_1191 2


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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 4th Jan 2020

Denbigh Harriers had a successful day at the North Wales Cross Country Championships held at Coleg Cambria, Northop on Saturday. This course was hilly and consisted of differing laps of about one mile in length. The women ran first on a course of three and half miles. The first Harrier home was Rhian Pierce well up at the front of the field and winning her a place in the North Wales cross country squad as well as a great silver medal in her very competitive age group.  She was well supported by Mel Morris who ran a strong race. To complete the women’s team were sisters Katy and Elen Baugh.  In the final placings this team won a well deserved overall bronze medal in North Wales. Mari Wyn Williams ran great race showing her strength on the hills followed by Carys Davies who looked strong throughout the race. Menai Baugh had a competitive battle to retain her F60 gold medal with a good performance on the hills.  The veteran team of Rhian Pierce, Mel Morris and Carys Davies won a bronze medal for this championships as well. 

In the M65 race run over the same distance as the women Fred Jones had a storming run to win a gold medal with 200 metres to spare despite being behind the eventual silver medal winner for the first lap. He was followed by Chris Baldwin who is returning to form and winning the bronze medal. The team was well supported by Jeff Jones who ensured that Denbigh Harriers won a gold medal in the category. 

In the men’s race covering just over six miles there was a great run from Shaun Hughes giving him selection to the North Wales cross country squad.  He was supported by Tony Wood recovering from a cold to finish well up the field. Glen Price also had a strong run to finish ahead of his normal rivals. Owen Conry continued his good form to finish very strongly followed by Vic Belshaw. In the M60 race David Baugh ran a steady race to pick up a Bronze Age category medal followed three places later by Duncan Jones. 


Kingston Parkrun

289th Sian PRITCHARD 00:29:21

Nova Prestatyn Parkrun

47th Bob NEALE 00:25:45
97th Gwenno WOOD 00:30:02
184th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:52:37


81278208_10157706213867969_8224796366782595072_o 81426561_10157705918237969_3378020657664098304_o 82417418_10157706211212969_6288099195295367168_o 82248567_10157335690699262_267348691835158528_o 82446845_10157335555114262_7534094492337438720_o

Credit NeeNeeJ and Jo Hoppes

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Weekly Report 28/12/19

Emma Collins was 65th in the Essar Chester Round The Walls race in a time of 30:21. She was 8th female and 1st F55 during slippery conditions and a lot of mud on Chester racecourse. 

The Jubilee Plunge race  is unusual for a fell race because it is a mainly downhill race plunging down about 500M from its start at the top of Moel Famau to the Golden Lion in Llangynhafal over a distance of 3.4K. The course was treacherous in places especially as the runners built up speed on the descent. The race is organised by Denbigh Harrier Tony Benton and this year he was helped in the organisation by fellow harriers Victoria Whitehead, Rhian Pierce, Ceri Diss and Duncan Jones.  Five Harriers ran the race with Katy Baugh flying down hill in 13m36s to come second and first local beating her father David Baugh by 16 seconds.  I consolation he won the 1st M60 prize. Next Harrier home was Ruari Benton running his first race for months finishing in an impressive 30th place in 14.57. Menai Baugh finished in 35th place in 17.43 and was first F60. Catherine Tudor Jones running her first fell race with friends enjoyed the experience. 

11th Katy Baugh 13.36 2nd Lady
13th David Baugh 13.52 1st M60
30th Ruari Benton 14.57
35th Menai Baugh 17.43 1st F60 
50th Catherine Tudor Jones 33.14


Lydiard Parkrun

10th Tony WOOD 00:19:07

Kingston Parkrun

184th Sian PRITCHARD 00:28:57

Conwy Parkrun

47th Duncan JONES 00:23:26

Newborough Forest Parkrun

44th Chris BALDWIN 00:25:4

Nova Prestatyn Parkrun

13th David BAUGH 00:21:23
14th Emma COLLINS 00:21:25 1st Female 
31st Elen BAUGH 00:23:48
36th Victoria WHITEHEAD 00:24:20
72nd Jon WHITEHEAD 00:27:04
179th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:49:16


Screenshot 2019-12-29 at 19.51.45 Screenshot 2019-12-29 at 19.51.19 Screenshot 2019-12-29 at 19.51.04 Screenshot 2019-12-29 at 19.50.21

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Johnson’s Handicap Race 2019 Results


Big congratulations to David Spencer on his victory. He had to outperform his handicap by some margin to win, especially because Roger was also on a good one. This was only the second of these races that I have missed in 25 years – but I have only actually run 21 of them. The conditions were reportedly bad in terms of energy sapping mud which suggests that it was ‘back to the late nineties’ in terms of weather. I won it in 1996, at that time having a battle in calf-deep mud with Paul Ballinger and Steve Aspey but we only managed 48 minutes, so respect to Owen and Glen (older now than we were then) for their 45 minute runs. Owen stays third on the M50 all-time list but knocked a minute off his previous best, demonstrating a huge improvement given the conditions. Of those new to their age categories, David B moves into third on the M60 list, with Duncan fifth and Arwel seventh; while the outright course record holder, Fred, is into fourth behind Bob as an M65. More amusingly, Katy was one second quicker than her 2016 time (and from the pics couldn’t have gone faster!) and Rhian finished a trifle slower than Tracey was in the frozen conditions of 2002 (when Tracey wore spikes!). Also noteworthy is that Emma improved her F55 leading time by nearly 3 minutes.

1st David Sp …….67:48

2nd Roger ……….62:19

3rd  Peter L………57:08

4th Duncan………52:32

5th Owen…………45:35

6th Glen…………..45:12

7th Arwel………….55:56

8th Emma………..50:10

9th Vic……………..50:10

10th Huw…………48:51

11th Menai………..61:53

12th Tony B……….52:58

13th Katy…………..53:13

14th Rhian ……….49:37

15th Mel……………51:43

16th David B……..50:19

17th Anwen……….68:50

18th Carys…………58:08

19th Tony W………48:41

20th Ian ……………61:41

21st Fred……………59:03

22nd Luke…………66:03.

Particular thanks to Rob for timekeeping.

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Weekly Report 14th December 2019

Sunday saw 22 Denbigh Harriers complete the annual Johnson’s Monument race. The race has been run for the last 26 years over a tough six mile cross country course around Denbigh. This years race was thought to be one of the muddiest for years. Luckily the morning was dry but it was cold meaning a good warm up was important. . Because of the mud many of the performances listed below were slower than last year. The winner of the handicap race was David spence managing to keep his training partner Roger Snaith at bay as he was closing him down in the finishing straight. The third runner home was Peter Lester Owen who has been improving all year. The first woman was Emma Collins in a great time followed by Menai and Katy Baugh. The fastest time overall was Glen Price in an impressive time of 45:12 with the fastest woman, Rhian Pierce, finished in 49:37.
Time After winner
Actual Time
David Spencer
Roger Snaith
Peter Lester Owen
1m 18s
Duncan Jones
1m 44s
Owen Conry
1m 47s
Glen Price
1m 54s
Arwel Jones
2m 8s
Emma Collins
2m 22s
Vic Belshaw
2m 22s
Huw Williams
3m 3s
Menai Baugh
3m 5s
Tony Benton
3m 5s
Katy Baugh
3m 25s
Rhian Pierce
3m 49s
Mel Morris
3m 55s
David Baugh
4m 31s
Anwen Brown
5m 2s
Carys Davies
5m 20s
Tony Wood
6m 53s
Ian Jones
7m 30s
Fred Jones
8m 15s
Luke Hughes
13m 15s
In the Prestatyn Nova Parkrun four Harriers took part with Katy Baugh finishing as first woman.
1st Woman
Duncan JONES
John Llewelyn THOMAS
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Weekly Report 7/12/19

It was somewhat cold and miserable for the five Denbigh Harriers who turned out to run the undulating Vale of Clwyd Half Marathon on Sunday. New member Catherine Tudor Jones ran a storming race to come 11th overall and to be the first woman home. This was a tremendous performance considering she has just completed the Florence Marathon in an amazing time of 3:10:27. The first Denbigh Harrier man home was Mat Jones running a solid race followed just over a minute later by Mel Morris as the first F40. Carys Jones continued her great running form to finish just in front of the evergreen Bob Neale. 

11th (1st Woman) CatherineJones 1:35:03

19th Matt Jones 1:40:21

23rd (1st F40) Melina Morris  1:41:43

55th Carys Davies 1:52:56

56th Bob Neale 1:53:14

There were two Santa themed races over the weekend with John Llewelyn Thomas taking on the Bespoke Clwydian Santa Dash supported by Roger Snaith and David Spencer marshalling. Also in Santa attire was Peter Lester Owen running the Llandudno 5K Santa Dash.

There was a good Harrier turnout at the inaugural Prestatyn Nova Parkrun on Saturday. This new parkrun replaces the Bodelwyddan Parkrun and follows the prom westwards before heading onto a grassy tuned area and turning round to return to the starting point.

25th (3rd Woman) Victoria WHITEHEAD 00:23:54

33rd Joseph WELCH 00:24:33

39thChris BALDWIN 00:25:10

54th Jon WHITEHEAD 00:26:31

78th Julie ROBERTS 00:28:55

Woodhouse Moor Parkrun

89th Katy BAUGH 00:22:52

112th Elen BAUGH 00:23:46 PB

Conwy Parkrun

30th Philip HAYES 00:22:38

Wepre Parkrun

72nd Sian PRITCHARD 00:30:00

79358585_10212870129147434_8356400212045987840_o IMG_7169 IMG_7167 IMG_7168 IMG_7170 2 IMG_7166

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Johnson’s Records before 2020 race

With the enclosure of the ditch in the Leisure Centre fields the course is back to pre 2017 length – pretty much exactly 6 miles. The original 1992 course started at the front of the LC where the present pedestrian traffic lights are – making that 10K. In 2009 and 2010 we had to go back onto the road over the hump-back bridge to finish due to the LC field being fenced in (before it was gated). So those two years were a bit over 10K.

I have included all people who have done sub 50 minutes, and very old people get recognised for suitably adjusted thresholds.

Senior Ladies: Rhian 46m44 (2010); Pauline 47m27 (2012); Ceri B 49m17 (2016); Tracey 49m19 (2002); Katy B 53m13 (2019); Elen B 56m58 (2018)

Senior Men: Fred 39m07 (1992); Shaun 40m09 (2018); Andy B 40m40 (2011); Tony W 42m42 (2017b); Phil 47m39 (2018); Huw 48m17 (2018)

F40: Tracey 50m00 (2004); Victoria 50m12 (2014); Claire 53m15 (2010); Brenda 55m31 (2004); Sarah 55m32 (2007); Anwen 58m37 (2016)

M40: Brett 42m57 (2011); Alun (2005) and Arwel (2002) 43m55; Glen 44m20 (2017b); Ed R 45m03 (2007); Duncan 45m40 (2002); Geraint 47m26 (2007); Keith 49m57 (2007); Dan S.50m10 (2015)

F45: Emma 46m37 (2011); Tracey 49m26 (2013); Mel 51m43 (2019); Budge 56m50 (2007); Bethan 57m54 (2016); Carys 58m08 (2019)

M45: Peter A 43m35 (2009); Glen 43m58 (2018); Alun 45m13 (2011); Paul B 45m24 (2005); Chris 45m34 (2003); Owen 46m41 (2016); David Bk 47m42 (2012); Duncan 48m34 (2007); Martyn F 48m48 (2013); Steve G 49m26 (2018)

F50: Tracey 48m58 (2016); Emma  49m43 (2016); Ceri D 49m53 (2015); Budge 51m43 (2009); Mary 60m 57 (2013); Menai 62m20 (2013)

M50: Vic 43m43 (2013); Martin C 45m22 (2007); Owen 45m35 (2019); Ken 46m51 (2003); Chris 46m55 (2004); Duncan 47m06 (2010); Mat 47m47 (2018); Peter A 48m17 (2014); Bob 48m38 (2003); Alun 48m54 (2014); Dally 49m00 (2002); Tony B 49m11 (2014); Martyn F 49m40 (2016)

F55: Emma 50m10 (2019); Menai 58m11 (2016); Vicky 79m31 (2012)

M55: Vic 44m13 (2015); Martin C 44m28 (2011); David B 45m34 (2016); Tony B 49m07 (2016); Chris 49m53 (2011); Peter E 50m51 (2009); Fred 51m 42 (2013); Bob 52m48 (2007); Mike H 53m19 (2015); Ian J 56m23 (2018); Peter L 57m08 (2019)

F60: Menai 60m51 (2018); Rachel 78m21 (2013); Vicky 80m00 (2016)

M60: Martin C 46m06 (2013); Fred 49m00 (2016); Chris 52m14 (2014); Duncan 52m32 (2019); Peter E 53m06 (2014); Arwel 55m56 (2019); Ron 58m24 (2002); Bob 58m35 (2014)

M65: Dave S 53m23 (2014); Ron 54m53 (2003); Bob 55m39 (2016); Fred 59m03 (2019); Gerry 61m00 (2002)

M70: Ron 61m53 (2010)

Most races sub 50: Women; Tracey, 4. Men; Chris, 10. Duncan may be 10 if sub 50 in 1992 and 1993 and 2000 which was quite likely but my full results only go from 2002. Tracey and Chris also have 3x sub 51.

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Weekly report 23/11/19

There was a new venue for the third fixture of North Wales Cross County League in Dolgellau on Saturday. Denbigh Harriers were there in force with 23 Harriers making the journey despite the ominous weather forecast. The course was longer than usual with with the women running over 4 miles on the mainly flat but low lying course with very muddy and uneven sections. The course also had a large water feature to navigate on multiple occasions. In the women’s race there were superb performances all the way down the field with all four Harrier counters high up the field. As is the case with cross country those behind the counters had a big role to play in knocking competitor teams lower down the large field. There were category placing for Rhian Pierce, Emma Collins, Tracey Williams and Menai Baugh. The hard work really paid off the women finishing 3rd team on the day out of the 24 teams taking part and putting them 4th in the 1st division and well clear of relegation. The women masters team is in also 2nd place making it a successful day all round for the women.
14th Rhian Pierce 31.16 3rd F35
26th Mel Morris 32.26
29th Emma Collins 32.45 1st F55
32nd Tracey Williams 33.05 2nd F55
36th Alaw Medi 33.36
46th Elen Baugh 35.20
52nd Katy Baugh 35.20
60th Carys Davies 36.25
66th Kate Wilson 36.52
83rd Menai Baugh 38.37 1st F60
In the Men over 65 race the team of veterans put in a great performance to finish 1st on the day and vying for the top spot in their league. In the senior men’s race the team also had a very successful run over the 6 mile course with some great performances from all concerned. Special note should go to Shaun Hughes for his superb 17th place and for the close race between Owen Conry and Glen Price to be 4th counter for the club. As often happens in team races there were hard fought battles all the way down the filed with every Harriers run counting towards increasing the gap between the club and its rivals. The team were 2nd on the day and move into second place with promotion a distinct possibility.
Men Over 65 race
5th Fred Jones 34.30
9th Chris Baldwin 36.10
15th Bob Neale 39.19
18th Jeff Jones 41.30
1st team on day and 3rd in league
130 in race
3rd Team on day and 4th overall 2nd master team overall
17th Shaun Hughes 37.14
40th Joe Welch 39.02
52nd Tony Wood 40.12
67th Owen Conry 41.48
68th Glen Price 41.52
97th Mat Jones 44.20
106th David Baugh 45.37
140th Tony Benton 50.28
143rd Duncan Jones 51.05
Kingston Parkrun
Conwy Parkrun
John Llewelyn THOMAS
Dolgellau Parkrun
Joseph WELCH

image3 image7 image5 image6

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