Johnson’s Records before 2019 race

With the enclosure of the ditch in the Leisure Centre fields the course is back to pre 2017 length – pretty much exactly 6 miles. The original 1992 course started at the front of the LC where the present pedestrian traffic lights are – making that 10K. In 2009 and 2010 we had to go back onto the road over the hump-back bridge to finish due to the LC field being fenced in (before it was gated). So those two years were a bit over 10K.

I have included all people who have done sub 50 minutes, and very old people get recognised for suitably adjusted thresholds.

Senior Ladies: Rhian 46m44 (2010); Pauline 47m27 (2012); Ceri B 49m17 (2016); Tracey 49m19 (2002); Katy B 53m14 (2016); Elen B 56m58 (2018)

Senior Men: Fred 39m07 (1992); Shaun 40m09 (2018); Andy B 40m40 (2011); Tony W 42m42 (2017b); Phil 47m39 (2018); Huw 48m17 (2018)

F40: Tracey 50m00 (2004); Victoria 50m12 (2014); Claire 53m15 (2010); Brenda 55m31 (2004); Sarah 55m32 (2007); Anwen 58m37 (2016)

M40: Brett 42m57 (2011); Alun (2005) and Arwel (2002) 43m55; Glen 44m20 (2017b); Ed R 45m03 (2007); Duncan 45m40 (2002); Geraint 47m26 (2007); Keith 49m57 (2007); Dan S.50m10 (2015)

F45: Emma 46m37 (2011); Tracey 49m26 (2013); Budge 56m50 (2007) Bethan 57m54 (2016)

M45: Peter A 43m35 (2009); Glen 43m58 (2018); Alun 45m13 (2011); Paul B 45m24 (2005); Chris 45m34 (2003); Owen 46m41 (2016); David Bk 47m42 (2012); Duncan 48m34 (2007); Martyn F 48m48 (2013); Steve 49m26 (2018)

F50: Tracey 48m58 (2016); Emma  49m43 (2016); Ceri D 49m53 (2015); Budge 51m43 (2009); Mary 60m 57 (2013); Menai 62m20 (2013)

M50: Vic 43m43 (2013); Martin C 45m22 (2007); Owen 46m39 (2018); Ken 46m51 (2003); Chris 46m55 (2004); Duncan 47m06 (2010); Mat 47m47 (2018); Peter A 48m17 (2014); Bob 48m38 (2003); Alun 48m54 (2014); Dally 49m00 (2002); Tony B 49m11 (2014); Martyn F 49m40 (2016)

F55: Emma 52m40 (2017); Menai 58m11 (2016); Vicky 79m31 (2012)

M55: Vic 44m13 (2015); Martin C 44m28 (2011); David B 45m34 (2016); Tony B 49m07 (2016); Chris 49m53 (2011); Peter E 50m51 (2009); Fred 51m 42 (2013); Bob 52m48 (2007); Mike H 53m19 (2015); Ian J 56m23 (2018)

F60: Menai 60m51 (2018); Rachel 78m21 (2013); Vicky 80m00 (2016)

M60: Martin C 46m06 (2013); Fred 49m00 (2016); Chris 52m14 (2014); Peter E 53m06 (2014); Ron 58m24 (2002); Bob 58m35 (2014)

M65: Dave S 53m23 (2014); Ron 54m53 (2003); Bob 55m39 (2016); Gerry 61m00 (2002)

M70: Ron 61m53 (2010)

Most races sub 50: Women; Tracey, 4. Men; Chris, 10. Duncan may be 10 if sub 50 in 1992 and 1993 and 2000 which was quite likely but my full results only go from 2002. Tracey and Chris also have 3x sub 51.

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Johnson’s Monument Handicap Race Sunday 15th December

Rob Parry in charge – 10 a.m. start. More people than expected have shown an interest. Theoretically some of the small groups could be split up  with 30 seconds between individuals, which I would do for the shorter summer handicap, but racing is much easier in groups.

10.00 a.m. Jess, Ron

10.07 a.m. John LT, Rebekah

10.08 a.m. Dawn

10.10 David Sp, Jeff

10.12 Ruth, Caz,

10.14 Jon, Gwenan

10.16 Anwen, Roger

10.18 Kate W

10.19 Menai, Bob

10.21 Peter L

10.22 Ian, Arwel

10.25 Sioned, Victoria, Carys, Luke

10.26 Duncan

10.27 Tracey, Fred

10.28 Elen, Katy, Mari, Tony B, Gareth

10.29 Hywel, Mel, Emma, Alaw

10.32 David B, Phil, Vic, Huw, Rhian

10.34 Owen, Steve, Brett

10.34.30 Glen

10.36 Tony W, Dan

10.37 Joe

10.38 Shaun


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October 2019 Results

In terms of weather this has been a ‘Goldilocks’ season: pretty dry, reasonable temperatures, and no gales. So 10C and heavy rain on top of several days of heavier rain meant that only the hardier committed souls turned up. Mud and soft grass does make a difference to the strength requirements and the fitter brethren and sorority gain an advantage in these circumstances. Flat, boring road it isn’t! A good prelude to the Cross Country on Saturday then. Anybody who got anywhere near their time of last month is clearly on the up and should be pleased. I am especially pleased at the close finishing with the first 14 within 70 seconds of the winning time. Not bad handicapping given the conditions. Officials Kate W and Rob made it all possible.

…………………………Finishing time….Actual time…….Points

1st Elen………………..6.38.03pm……….24m03…………73/5

2nd Tony W…………….38.05…………….19m35…………25/5*

3rd Tracey……………….38.15…………….24m15…………34/5*

4th Mat……………………38.18……………21m48…………59/5

5th Tony B……………….38.23……………23m23…………33/5*

6th Mel……………………38.33……………23m33…………43/5*

7th Luke………………….38.38…………….25m08………..57/5*

8th Duncan……………..38.42…………….24m42………..80/4

9th Carys…………………38.51……………..26m21…………9/1

10th Arwel……………….38.54…………….25m54…………56/5*

11th Glen………………….38.55…………….20m55…………46/4

12th Peter L………………38.58……………26m28………….53/5

13th Bob……………………39.08…………..27m08………….64/5*

14th Chris………………….39.12……………27m12………….77/4

15th Ruth…………………..39.29…………..34m29………….59/5*

16th Ruari………………….40.52…………..27m52………….48/5*

  • Best of five races.

The series has a very worthy winner in Tony W who got through to 2nd and therefore substituted this for his 14th in May, having already dropped a 25th and a 17th – illustrating the value of doing as many races as possible, especially when there is a lean month for numbers and lower scores are easier. Tony B played his cards very well and takes a good Silver. Victoria fell at the last hurdle, her 43 points being overtaken by Tracey for Bronze (as predicted in view of her improving form) and equalled by Mel. Mentioned in dispatches for finishing 6th-17th in the championship are Ruari, Peter L and Ron, Arwel, Luke, Mat and Ruth, Bob, Diane, Mark, and Elen who also completed the series with at least 5 races. Fastest Man was Shaun in May with 18m04. Joe did 18m27 and Tony W 18m48. Fastest lady, once again after all these years, was Emma who did 22m19. Katy did 22m21. Alaw has a faster official time but apparently she got lost and missed a bit.


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September Handicap Results


Due to IT glitch the results only list actual times and points total/number of races.

*Best of 5 races.


1st John LT 30:18, 17/3

2nd Ron 36:39, 53/5

3rd Diane 35:36, 67/5

4th Jeff 30:08, 4/1

5th Nicola 30:51, 8/2

6th Chris R 25:28, 6/1

7th Tracey 23:45, 49/5

8th Mat 21:22, 55/4

9th Melina 22:30, 57/5

10th Tony B 22:35, 41/5*

11th Gareth 23:09, 11/1

12th Mark J 25:09, 70/5

13th Caz 29:14, 39/4

14th Adam 22:15, 25/2

15th Emma 22:19, 15/1

16th Ruari 25:21, 48/5*

17th Tony W 19:21, 37/5*

18th Caroline J 26:45, 34/2

19th Vic 21:31, 63/4

20th Ian 25:42, 74/4

21st Chris 27:04, 63/3

22nd Bob 27:07, 73/5*

23rd Ruth 32:34, 82/5

24th Duncan 25:34, 72/3

Clearly this is the closest series ever! With one race to go and so many people having 5 races already (and so can drop a worst position) and nobody with a big lead, it will be down to a genuinely good run by someone to determine the winner.

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October Handicap Start List

The first Tuesday at 6pm – 1st October at the Leisure Centre. This is the last one of 2019, completing my 20th year of setting the handicaps. Might possibly get this one right, do you think?

6.00 pm. Mari J

6.00.30 Ron

6.01 Jess,

6.01.30 Diane

6.03 Eurian, Teleri

6.04 pm. Wendy, Bronwen, Rebekah, Kath S

6.05 Angela

6.06 Mike Hb, Helen D, Jill, Littlekath, Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

6.06.30 Nicola, Ruth

6.07 Kate W, Paul J, Hannah, Julie, David Sp

6.07.30 Dawn, John L-T, Jeff, Meirion

6.09 Caz, Sarah

6.10 Rob P, Katherine E, David S, Andy M, John G

6.10.30 Roger, Gwenan, Ed

6.11.30 Dizzy Liz, Bill (Wil A), Anwen

6.12 Menai, Caroline, Chris, Bob, Jon

6.12.30 Sali, Peter L, Carys

6.13 Ruari, Gerwyn, Dan S, Mark W, Mark J, Arwel, Chris R, Ian J

6.13.30 Paul G, Luke

6.14 Sioned, Mari W, Tracey, Elen, Fred, Duncan, Victoria

6.15 Ceri B, Ceri D, Mel, Tony B, Gareth

6.15.30 Rhian, Alaw, Emma, Katy

6.16 Adam

6.16.30 Brett, Phil, Owen, David B, Mat

6.17 Steve, Vic

6.17.30 Hywel, Huw

6.18 Glen

6.18.30 Dan J, Tony W

6.19 Joe

6.19.30 Shaun

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September Start List

The penultimate one of the series – and weather-wise often the most favourable before autumn storms break and the ground gets muddy. A good one for the ‘improvers’ group to try if you have ideas about doing the Winter League Cross Country (which would be good!).

6.29 pm. Mari J

6.30 Ron

6.31 Jess, Diane

6.33 Eurian, Teleri

6.34 pm. Wendy, Bronwen, Rebekah, Kath S, John L-T

6.35 Angela

6.36 Mike Hb, Helen D, Jill, Littlekath, Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

6.36.30 Nicola

6.37  Kate W, Jeff, Paul J, Hannah, Julie, David Sp

6.37.30 Ruth, Dawn

6.39 Caz

6.40 Rob P, Katherine E, David S, Andy M, John G

6.40.30 Roger, Gwenan, Ed

6.41 Sarah

6.41.30 Dizzy Liz, Bill (Wil A), Anwen

6.42 Menai

6.42.30 Sali, Chris, Peter L, Bob

6.43 Ruari, Gerwyn, Jon, Dan S, Mark W, Mark J, Arwel

6.43.30 Fred, Ian J, Paul G, Luke

6.44 Sioned, Mari W, Tracey, Elen

6.45 Victoria

6.45.30 Ceri B, Ceri D, Duncan, Mel, Tony B

6.46 Rhian, Alaw, Emma, Katy, Adam

6.46.30 Brett, Phil, Owen, David B, Mat

6.47 Steve

6.47.30 Hywel, Huw, Vic

6.48 Glen

6.48.30 Dan J

6.49 Joe, Tony W

6.49.30 Shaun

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August Results

Warm-ish but windy with intermittent rain. The grass is longer in the fields which does restrict progress a little, but the playing fields were cut recently so on balance the conditions were good. Interesting that most people were a little slower than last month and I think this may indicate that there have been a lot of particularly long and hard races recently which are beginning to sap the energy levels. This is a point to note as the Cross Country season approaches. Not that I am ‘anti’ half marathons or Fell ultras, but go into October tired and you won’t have time to recover before two of the League races are gone and the team is 100 points adrift of where we need to be. This handicap race worked well in terms of showing how difficult a close finish can be with 17 of the 21 within a minute. In the Women’s League races a minute represents about 40 places – blink, feel tired, or lack confidence, and you lose half a dozen. The men have longer to regret not taking a couple of weeks off!

Rob has done a sterling job tabulating the results and the points competition is wide open, though Tony W has taken a significant lead having been able to drop his worst position (which was 25th) in favour of this 12th. Victoria drops an 18th for this 14th and both now have two more races – and both potentially have a worst 14th to discard. Ruari, Tony B, Luke, Bob, and Arwel also now in a position to get rid of the big numbers.

lace Finish time Name Start time Net time  Points
1 07:07:21 PM John L-T 6:33:30 PM 0:33:51  16/2
2 07:07:43 PM Arwel 6:42:30 PM 0:25:13  82/5
3 07:07:48 PM Melina 6:45:00 PM 0:22:48 48/4
4 07:07:52 PM Tony B 6:45:00 PM 0:22:52  46/5
5 07:07:54 PM Rauri 6:43:00 PM 0:24:54  49/5
6 07:07:57 PM Dawn 6:37:30 PM 0:30:27  53/3
7 07:08:03 PM Fred 6:43:30 PM 0:24:33  41/3
8 07:08:08 PM Mark J 6:43:00 PM 0:25:08  58/4
9 07:08:12 PM Ron 6:30:00 PM 0:38:12  51/4
10 07:08:22 PM Tracey 6:44:00 PM 0:24:22  42/4
11 07:08:26 PM Adam 6:46:00 PM 0:22:26  11/1
12 07:08:27 PM Tony W 6:49:00 PM 0:19:27 37/5*
13 07:08:30 PM Bob 6:42:30 PM 0:26:00  80/5
14 07:08:31 PM Victoria 6:45:00 PM 0:23:31  43/5*
15 07:08:34 PM Luke 6:43:30 PM 0:25:04  73/5
16 07:08:41 PM Caroline J 6:41:00 PM 0:27:41  16/1
17 07:08:42 PM Elen 6:44:30 PM 0:24:12  72/4
18 07:08:51 PM Mat 6:47:00 PM 0:21:51  47/3
19 07:09:12 PM Ed 6:41:00 PM 0:28:12  19/1
20 07:10:16 PM Katy B 6:46:00 PM 0:24:16  33/3
21 07:11:15 PM Diane 6:33:30 PM 0:37:45 64/4
 * Best of 5 races.


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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 29/6/19

Saturday was a sad day for many runners in the Vales of Clwyd as it was the 35th and last Bodelwyddan Castle Parkrun due to the grounds no longer being avaiable for this free and volunteer led run for all abilites. Denbigh Harriers were there in numbers with 22 running with others volunteering and supporting. A record turnout was achieved with some runners travelling huge distances to take part.  Joe Welch was a superb 3rd place with Emma Collins coming in as 2nd woman and wining the Age grade race by quite a margin.  The competition between club members enabled Peter Lester Owen, Helen Davies and John Llewelyn Thomas achieve a personal bests. There were age category wins for: Elen Baugh, Mari Williams, Joe Welch, David Baugh, Mel Morris, Emma Collins and Menai Baugh.
3rd Joseph WELCH 00:19:15
16th David BAUGH 00:21:34
31st Emma COLLINS 00:23:10
36th Mathew JONES 00:23:29
44th Melina MORRIS 00:24:08
47th Tony BENTON 00:24:13
51st Mari WILLIAMS 00:24:24
55th Elen BAUGH 00:24:35
57th Katy BAUGH 00:24:42
59th Victoria WHITEHEAD 00:24:52
84th Ruari BENTON 00:26:02
97th Ian JONES 00:26:26
104th Menai BAUGH 00:26:44
105th Peter LESTER-OWEN 00:26:47
165th Sarah BAYLISS 00:30:02
171st Helen DAVIES 00:30:38
178th Julie ROBERTS 00:31:02
208th Nicola FIELD 00:33:16
242nd John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:35:52
300th Diane LLOYD 00:41:50
301st Mari JONES 00:41:54
347th Volunteer Tail-walker Meirion Wyn ROBERTS 00:57:41
There was one Denbigh Haarrier at Southport half marathon on Sunday. It was billed as flat and fast course , hopes were high for a good time butthere was a strong headwind to rival RunFest last weekend, Dawn Marshall was delighted to comfortably run every step and finish in 2:16:40.
Other Parkrun results:
8th Manfredi TORALDO 00:22:40
245th Sian PRITCHARD 00:29:36
Mari Williams chasing Elen Baugh
Ian Jones
Mat Jones
The finish of Bodelwyddan Castle Parkrun
Peter Lester-Owen
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August Start List

Very much the high end of the series as far as the championship goes, with Tony W and Victoria leading the pack but Ruari is a potential dark horse and several others have 4 races so far with competitive scores, and still three races to go.

6.29 pm. Mari J

6.30 Ron

6.31 Jess

6.33 Eurian, Teleri

6.33.30 Diane, John L-T

6.34 pm. Wendy, Bronwen, Rebekah, Kath S

6.35 Angela

6.36 Mike Hb, Helen D, Jill, Littlekath, Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

6.36.30 Nicola

6.37  Kate W, Jeff, Paul J, Hannah, Julie, David Sp

6.37.30 Ruth, Dawn

6.39 Caz

6.40 Rob P, Katherine E, David S, Andy M, John G

6.40.30 Roger, Gwenan

6.41 Sarah, Ed

6.41.30 Dizzy Liz, Bill (Wil A), Anwen

6.42 Menai

6.42.30 Sali, Arwel, Chris, Peter L, Bob

6.43 Ruari, Gerwyn, Jon, Dan S, Mark W, Mark J

6.43.30 Fred, Ian J, Paul G, Luke

6.44 Sioned, Mari W, Tracey

6.44.30 Elen

6.45 Tony B, Victoria, Mel

6.45.30 Ceri B, Ceri D, Duncan

6.46 Rhian, Alaw, Emma, Katy, Adam

6.46.30 Brett, Phil, Owen, David B

6.47 Steve, Mat

6.47.30 Hywel, Huw, Vic

6.48 Glen

6.48.30 Dan J

6.49 Joe, Tony W

6.49.30 Shaun

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July results

Clearly, from the photos on facebook it was a wonderful evening for running and I’m very disappointed not to have been there. However, Rob , Kate, and Sali obviously coped well with the close finishes. Caz dramatically improved, even compared to her previous good run in May – Handicappers hate these rapidly improving people! Other significant improvements were registered by Peter and Ruari; and Anwen seems back on target too. Alaw was quick, but interesting that she didn’t catch Mel. Tony W is right back in there and from the photos he tried to run away from Joe at the beginning which was a bold tactic against a distance specialist. Steve Ovett would have sat on him and kicked off the last concrete circle. Just saying. And woe betide anyone who asks who S.Ovett was!

In terms of the championship, Tony W and Victoria have both completed their 5 races and can start to discard their worst positions.

Place Finish time Name Start time Nett time  Points
1 07:05:38 PM Caz 6:37:30 PM 0:28:08  26/3
2 07:06:11 PM Kath S 6:33:00 PM 0:33:11  2/1
3 07:06:39 PM Nicola F 6:36:00 PM 0:30:39  3/1
4 07:06:57 PM Joe W 6:48:30 PM 0:18:27  4/1
5 07:07:03 PM Peter L 6:42:00 PM 0:25:03  41/4
6 07:07:13 PM Tony W 6:48:30 PM 0:18:43 50/5
7 07:07:20 PM Rauri 6:43:00 PM 0:24:20  44/4
8 07:07:22 PM Mari W 6:44:00 PM 0:23:22  14/2
9 07:07:23 PM Fred 6:43:30 PM 0:23:53  34/2
10 07:07:24 PM Melina 6:45:00 PM 0:22:24  45/3
11 07:07:33 PM Vic B 6:47:30 PM 0:20:03  44/3
12 07:07:38 PM Ron 6:30:00 PM 0:37:38   42/3
13 07:07:41 PM Tony B 6:45:00 PM 0:22:41   42/4
14 07:07:41 PM Glen 6:48:00 PM 0:19:41   35/3
15 07:07:42 PM John L-F 6:33:30 PM 0:34:12   15/1
16 07:07:49 PM Alaw 6:46:00 PM 0:21:49   16/1
17 07:07:57 PM Ruth 6:37:30 PM 0:30:27   59/4
18 07:08:18 PM Victoria W 6:45:00 PM 0:23:18   47/5
19 07:08:40 PM Arwel 6:42:30 PM 0:26:10   80/4
20 07:08:56 PM Ian J 6:43:30 PM 0:25:26  54/3
21 07:08:58 PM Anwen 6:42:00 PM 0:26:58  36/3
22 07:09:07 PM Gwenan 6:41:00 PM 0:28:07  53/2
23 07:09:35 PM Luke 6:44:00 PM 0:25:35  58/4
24 07:09:43 PM Mari J 6:30:00 PM 0:39:43  45/3
25 07:11:54 PM Roger 6:40:30 PM 0:31:24  36/4
26 07:11:55 PM Bob 6:42:30 PM 0:29:25  67/4
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