New Year Virtual Handicap

Using the start list from November ,with suitable modifications, this is intended to be a 3 day rolling event like the Johnson’s Monument event but is on the latest 5.5K Handicap course starting in the Goblin Farm field (beyond the bridge) and is 2 laps of the loop from the stone steps to Ystrad Road, and back to the field. Notional finishing times achieved from dawn on 31st December will be listed as being after 6pm on January 3rd (after dusk).

6.00 pm Mari J, Ron.

6.01 pm Diane, Sue

6.03 Kath S, John L-T, Bronwen

6.05 Claire Sp, Rhian WJ, Meirion, Alison

6.06.00 Helen D, Nicola, LittleKath, Caz

6.07.00 Ruth,  Andy M, John G, Dizzy Liz

6.08.00 Paul J, Jess

6.09.00  Gwenan,  Jeff, Dawn, Rebekah

6.10.00 Ed, Ieuan, Rob, Sarah, Julie, Katherine E

6.13.00 Dan S, Roger, David Sp, Will A

6.14.00 Bob, Menai, Jon, Chris B, Anwen, Mark J, Carys

6.14.30 Ian J

6.15.00 Abigail, Ruari, Gerwyn, Lisa, Kate W,

6.15.30 Peter, Arwel,

6.16.00 Fred

6.16.30 Luke, Chris R, Gareth P, Mari W, Alaw, Lee, Rachael E

6.17.00 Elen, Suzi, Sioned, Paul G

6.17.30 Ceri D, Victoria, Tony B, Duncan

6.18.00 Katy B, Catherine TJ

6.18.30 Emma, Mel, Rhian

6.19.00 Gareth, Hywel, Phil, Steve

6.19.30 Owen, David B

6.20.00 Adam, Mat, Vic

6.21.30 Brett, Glenn

6.22.00 Dan J, Huw

6.22.30 Joe

6.24.00 Tony W, Shaun

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