August 8th Start List

The championship series will be much more interesting after this one. Only Katy and Rob G have completed five so far and I suspect they will both beat their worst positions comfortably to be able to improve their overall scores. Obviously Tony W is the big favourite to win it outright, and he still has a chance for the fastest man trophy given his continued progress.

6.27pm Rachel, Vicky

6.29 Joanne

6.30.30 Diane

6.32 Ron, Angharad, Sarah, Kath S

6.33 Ruth, Kelley, Wendy, Nicola

6.35 Jeff, John W

6.36 Helen D, Colin, Jill

6.37 Ed

6.37.30 Dawn, Andy M, Ruari, Gwenan, Rhian WJ

6.38 Littlekath, Sian P, Llinos

6.38.30 Menai, Rob P

6.39 Mei, Anwen, Wayne, Peter E, David Sp

6.40 Bethan, Bob, Sioned, Jon, Roger

6.40.30 Katherine E, Elen, Sali, Kate W, Llyr

6.41 David S, Ian, Adam, Mike Hu

6.41.30 Chris, Mike Hb, Dan S, Rhian P, Shaun J

6.42 Paul G, Arwel, Victoria, Gerwyn, Fred, Rob G

6.42.30 David D, Rich, Katy B

6.43 Craig, Duncan, Emma, Phil, Tony B

6.43.30 Ceri B, Jon F, Mat

6.44 Ceri D, Martin, Joe C, Rhian GJ

6.44.30 David B, Owen

6.45 Tom, Dan J

6.45.30 Vic, Glen

6.46 Joe W

6.47 Tony W, Shaun H

As usual, if I have missed you out – yell.

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