Weekly Report 2/11/19

There was a superb turnout for the Abergele 5k and 5 Miles races from Denbigh Harriers on Sunday.

In the 5k race there were four Denbigh Harriers for this windy out and back course at Pensarn. It was also good to see a number of the current Denbigh Run for Fun course, organised by Denbigh Harriers,  competing after only 8 weeks of their 10 week couch to 5K course.

54th Caroline Dawe 30:38
55th John LLewelyn Thomas 31:16
65th Dawn Lees 42:01
66th Ian Jones 44:01

In the 5 mile race which incorporated the North Wales Championships there were 16 Denbigh Harriers running who brought home a good haul of prizes. Emma Collins, Mel Morris and Menai Baugh all won their categories and North Wales Championships Gold Medals by large margins. Mel Morris knocked over three minutes off her personal best for this course with both Menai Baugh and Emma Collins improving on their last performance in this race.  Carys Davies was third in her category as was Fred Jones both showing strong improved performances. David Baugh and Rebekah Dumayne won bronze medals in the North Wales Championships. Tony Wood won the 1st corporate team frize as well as being the first Denbigh Harrier home. There were great PBs from Elen Baugh of over a minute and Jess Jones of over 3 minutes.

26 30:56 Anthony Wood 1st Corporate Team
52 33:33 Mathew Jones
61 34:13 David Baugh Vet 55 3rd NWCh
68 34:58 Emma Collins Vet 55 1st
69 35:02 Melina Morris Vet 45 1st
80 35:53 Tony Benton
88 36:36 Fred Jones Vet 65 3rd
96 37:25 Duncan Jones
99 37:40 Elen Baugh
114 38:57 Carys Davies Vet 40 3rd
120 39:16 Ian Jones
141 41:46 Menai Baugh Vet 60 1st
176 46:05 Ruth Crowther
191 48:42 Dawn Marshall
199 50:46 Rebekah Dumayne Vet 35 3rd NWCh
210 54:58 Jessica Jones

Conwy Parkrun

185th John Llewelyn THOMAS 00:46:01
189th Sally SMITH 00:52:0

Stretford Parkrun

361st Dawn MARSHALL 00:34:09

Wepre Parkrun

23rd 2nd Woman Mari WILLIAMS 00:25:33


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