September Start List

Only two races to go to complete the 2017 series. Some readjustments to the starting times for those struggling with long-term injuries, hoping they might want to try to come back soon. The rules for those in contention are that the first 25% in the previous race get an extra 30 seconds on their handicaps, and the bottom 25% have 30 seconds taken off.

6.27pm Rachel, Vicky

6.29 Joanne

6.30.30 Diane

6.31 Ron

6.32 Angharad, Sarah, Kath S

6.33 Ruth, Kelley, Wendy, Nicola

6.35 Jeff, John W

6.36 Helen D, Colin, Jill

6.37 Ed

6.37.30 Dawn, Andy M, Gwenan, Rhian WJ

6.38 Littlekath, Sian P, Llinos

6.38.30 Menai, Rob P

6.39 Mei, Anwen, Wayne, Peter E, Roger

6.39.30 David Sp, Sali, Katherine E

6.40 Bethan, Bob, Sioned, Jon, Ruari, Kate W, Tracey

6.40.30 Elen, Llyr

6.41 David S, Ian, Adam, Shaun J

6.41.30 Chris, Mike Hb, Dan S, Rhian P, Victoria, Mike Hu, Rich

6.42 Paul G, Arwel, Gerwyn, Fred, Rob G, Tony B

6.42.30 David D, Katy B

6.43 Craig, Duncan, Emma, Rhian GJ

6.43.30 Ceri B, Jon F, Mat, Phil, Martin

6.44 Ceri D, Joe C

6.44.30 David B, Owen

6.45 Tom, Dan J

6.45.30 Vic, Glen

6.46 Joe W

6.47 Tony W, Shaun H

As usual, if I have missed you out – yell.

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