September Start List

Only Diane has done 5 races so far and must be looking for a podium place but there are several with 3 or 4 in the bag who should now be looking to complete the series. With only two races left Phil is still looking a good bet, but I think the smart money is transferring to Tony B.

6.30 Mari J

6.30.30 Ron, Diane

6.31 Ruth

6.32 Kath S, Bronwen, Angela

6.33 Kellie, Wendy, Dawn

6.35 Nicola

6.36 Helen D, Colin, Jill, Littlekath, Hannah, Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

6.37 Andy M, Tracey, Kate W, Jeff, Paul J

6.38.30 Abigail, Mari W, Rob P, Jon, Menai

6.39 Roger, Bethan, Ed, David Sp, Anwen

6.39.30 Ruari, Sarah

6.40  Sali, Katherine E, Bob, Ian J, Chris, Elen, Llyr

6.40.30 David S

6.41 Mike Hb, Rhian GJ, Gerwyn, Rob G, Mel, Sioned, Arwel

6.41.30  Dan S, Katy B, Fred, Duncan

6.42  Paul G, Alaw

6.42.30 David D, Victoria, Ceri B,

6.43 Tony B, Emma, Ceri D

6.43.30 Jon F, Mat

6.44 David B, Hywel, Rhian P

6.44.30 Owen, Brett, Huw, Phil

6.45 Tom, Craig, Steve

6.45.30 Dan J,  Vic, Tony W

6.46 Joe W, Glen

6.47.00 Shaun H

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