October Start List

Previous experience shows that there is just enough light to get round the course providing we start at SIX (6pm). Nobody can beat Katy to win the series championship but 2nd and 3rd are very much up for grabs. Trophies are presented at the Club Dinner in January. Those for fastest man and fastest woman will be hard to prise out of the hands of Shaun H and Ceri B respectively because the course in October is likely to be relatively muddier and slower. However, don’t let that stop you trying!

5.57pm Rachel, Vicky

6.00 Joanne

6.00.30 Diane

6.01 Ron

6.o2 Angharad, Sarah, Kath S, Ruth

6.o3 Kelley, Wendy, Nicola

6.05  Jeff, John W

6.06 Helen D, Colin, Jill

6.07 Ed

6.07.30 Dawn, Andy M, Gwenan, Rhian WJ

6.08 Littlekath, Sian P, Llinos

6.08.30 Menai, Rob P

6.09 Anwen, Wayne, Peter E, Roger, Katherine E

6.09.30 David Sp, Sali, Mei

6.10 Bethan, Bob, Sioned, Jon, Ruari, Kate W, Tracey

6.10.30 Elen, Llyr, Ian

6.11 David S, Adam, Shaun J

6.11.30 Chris, Mike Hb, Dan S, Rhian P,  Mike Hu, Rich, Arwel

6.12 Paul G, Gerwyn, Fred, Rob G, Victoria

6.12.30 David D

6.13 Duncan, Emma, Rhian GJ, Tony B, Katy B

6.13.30 Ceri B, Jon F, Mat, Phil, Martin, Craig, Ceri D

6.14 Joe C, David B

6.14.30 Owen

6.15 Tom, Dan J

6.15.30 Vic, Glen

6.16 Joe W

6.16.30 Tony W

6.17 Shaun H

As usual, if I have missed you out or you are new to all this – yell on the club facebook page.

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