Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report 23rd February ‘19

Denbigh Harriers had  a glorious morning for a run on Saturday in Rhyl. Even the wind didn’t seem as bad as usual as 565 runners set off from Rhyl to race to Prestatyn and back along the seafront racing this established fast, flat 10 mile race which incorporated the North Wales 10 mile Championships. Four Harriers supported this local race with Joe Welch first home in a PB, 13th overall and 5th M35 in 61:57. Joe took 2nd VM35 in the North Wales 10 mile Championships. Next home was Emma Collins in a fantastic 75:01 and over 13 minutes ahead of her nearest rival. Emma convincingly claimed both her VF55 category in the race and was crowned VF55 North Wales 10 mile champion. She was 13th lady and 91st overall. Ruth Crowther in this her first 10 mile race and longest race to date finished next 310th overall, 100th lady and 23rd in her VF45 category and second in the North Wales Championships in 1:32:35. Fourth Harrier home was Dawn Marshall delighted to get a PB in 1:34:52, taking over 2½ minutes off her previous best. She was also awarded bronze in the VF40 North Wales 10 mile championships. 324th overall, 110th lady and 18th VF40 in the race.

Joe Welch, Emma Collins and Dawn Marshal

Joe Welch, Emma Collins and Dawn Marshall 

The Ruthin 5k was well attended and eight Denbigh Harriers took part in the 5k and 10k. It was beautiful day for running on a good mainly flat course. In the 5K there were great personal bests for Jess Jones and Elen Baugh with Elen just missing out on third woman. David Baugh was 4th man and 1st M50 with Ian Jones supporting Jess on her run.

In the 10k Shaun Hughes had a fine run to finish in second by some margin. Dan Jones achieved a great personal best as did Mari Williams. Meinir Hughes enjoyed the fine weather on this pleasant course.

David Baugh and Ian Jones

Ruthin 5K – David Baugh and Ian Jones

Ruthin 5k
5th 20:38 David Baugh 1stM50
10th 22:34 Elen Baugh PB
73rd 31:57 Jessica Jones PB
74th 31:57 Ian Jones

Ruthin 10k
2nd 36:00 Shaun Wyn Hughes
7th 39:06 Daniel Jones PB
58th 49:46 Mari Williams PB
242nd 01:15:29 Meinir Hughes

Three Denbigh Harriers turned out for the first race in the Welsh Fell Running Championships series. The Sheeptracks race is a challenging mountain navigation race, 18.9 miles in distance with 4,300ft of ascent on unmarked sheep tracks  through the heather, bracken and gorse of the Clwydian hills. For the over 60’s there is a shortened version of the main race – a 12 and a half mile race with 3,270ft of ascent on the same unmarked route. Tony Wood ran the 18 mile race, which is closer to 19 miles, through the energy-sapping heather, gorse and bracken down steep descents and up even steeper ascents in a very decent time of 3 hrs 51 minutes and 54 seconds. 
Enjoying the glorious weather and running the 12 and a half mile version of the race with her daughter Katy as company, was Menai Baugh finishing strongly as first lady over 60 in a time of 3 hrs 15 minutes and 8 seconds. Unfortunately ( or fortunately) Katy’s time ( which was the same as Menai’s) didn’t count in the Over 60’s race!

Menai Baugh - Clwydian Sheeptracks

Menai Baugh – Clwydian Sheeptracks



79th Robert PARRY 00:26:12

Pagasus (New Zealand)

21st Ceri BELSHAW 00:22:20

Gloucester City

47th Bob NEALE 00:24:34

Bodelwyddan Castle

14th 1st Lady Katy BAUGH 00:23:45
42nd Gwenan JOHNSON 00:28:20
44th Sarah BAYLISS 00:28:41

Myrtle (Yorkshire)

32nd Chris BALDWIN 00:25:55
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April Start List

Tuesday evening 2nd April is your next chance to get on the scoreboard for this year’s Noel Morris Memorial Handicap Series. Rob P has kindly offered to officiate so I hope to give Bob and Victoria a run for their money(!).

6.30 pm. Mari J

6.35 pm.  Ron, Diane, Wendy, Bronwen

6.36 Kath S, Angela, Kellie, Colin

6.37 Nicola, Mike Hb, Helen D, Jill, Littlekath, Hannah, Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

6.38  Andy M, Kate W, Jeff, Paul J

6.40 Mike Hb, Dawn, Ruth, Roger

6.41 Abigail, Rob P, Katherine E, David Sp, David S

6.42 Gwenan, Sarah, Ed

6.43 Bethan, Menai, Rob G, Anwen, Sali, Peter L, Dizzy Liz

6.44 Bob, Chris, Llyr, Ruari, Gerwyn, Jon, Victoria, Mari W, Dan S, Arwel, Luke

6.45 Sioned, Ian J, Fred, Tracey, Mark

6.46 Paul G, Elen, Mel, Rhian GJ

6.46.30 David D, Ceri B, Ceri D, Katy

6.47 Tony B, Emma, Duncan

6.47.30 Jon F, Mat, Alaw, Brett, Rhian

6.48 Steve

6.49 David B, Hywel, Owen, Phil, Huw

6.50 Vic, Glen

6.50.30 Dan J, Craig, Tony W

6.51 Joe W

6.52 Shaun H

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March 2019 Results

Wet but not windy, and rather cold at 6C, so some sogginess on the lower slopes made for an advantage for the stronger people. Sixteen of our hardier souls turned out, and a big “diolch” to Gwenan for her large umbrella and help officiating. Congratulations to Anwen for a decisive victory in what must be her best run for some time.

…………………………..Finishing time……….Actual time……….Points

1st Anwen………………10.34.42 a.m………..27m12………………1/1

2nd Tony W………………..34.48………………19m48……………..2/1

3rd Dan………………………35.00………………19m30…………….3/1

4th Owen…………………….35.15……………….21m15……………..4/1

5th Tony B…………………..35.43………………22m43……………..5/1

6th Menai……………………35.50………………27m20……………..6/1

7th Katy………………………36.00………………23m30…………….7/1

8th Jon………………………..36.36………………26m06…………….8/1

9th Bob……………………….38.10……………….27m40…………….9/1

10th Victoria………………..38.24……………….27m54……………10/1

11th Diane……………………38.36……………….37m36…………….11/1

12th Arwel……………………38.43………………27m13……………..12/1

13th Ruth…………………….39.02……………….31m32…………….13/1

14th David Sp……………….39.08………………30m38……………14/1

15th Sali……………………….40.45………………30m15…………….15/1

16th Mari……………………..42.30………………42m30…………….16/1

Next race is the first Tuesday evening in April with a 6.30pm start.

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Denbigh Harriers Weekly report 16th Feb 2019

On Sunday 17th February,  eight Denbigh Harriers made the short trip over to Wrexham to race in the Village Bakery Half Marathon. A well-established race, this is held on the outskirts of Wrexham, taking in the Industrial Estate along with rural lanes and countryside. Weather was quite nice for February – largely sunny, but a cold wind, and a couple of rain showers in the early afternoon. First home was Hywel Roberts. Continuing his preparation for London Marathon in 10 weeks, Hywel set a PB for this distance of 1:36:38. Next was Ian Jones, in a time of 1:54:36. A good improvement on a few weeks ago, as he returns to full race fitness. Not far behind him was Robert Parry, finally getting in under the 2 hour mark, in 1:59:48 Joint first ladies were Nicola Field and Helen Davies. Like Hywel, both also in training for London Marathon, they crossed the line together in 2:11:49.  Dan Schraibman was only a couple of minutes after them, in 2:14:02  Finally, Caroline Parry and Dave Spencer (both returning from injury) finished in 2:19:54


496th  Hywel Roberts 01:36:38
1214th  Ian Jones 01:54:36
1432nd Robert Parry 01:59:48
1838th  Nicola Field 02:11:49
1839th  Helen Falmai Davies 02:11:49
1903rd Daniel Schraibman 02:14:02
2028th  David Spencer 02:19:55
2029th  Caroline Ann Parry 02:19:54

After a couple of weeks of low numbers doing Parkruns this week saw Denbigh Harriers out in force.

Shrewsbury Parkrunn

75th Duncan JONES 00:22:31

Wyre Forest

20th Tony BENTON 00:23:03

Bodelwyddan Castle

5th David BAUGH 00:21:37
14th Emma COLLINS 00:23:11
17th Katy BAUGH 00:23:41
24th Elen BAUGH 00:24:33
55th Sarah BAYLISS 00:29:02
57th Gwenan JOHNSON 00:29:04

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March 2019 Start List

Another Spring approaches and another Noel Morris Memorial Handicap series. As usual if your name isn’t on the list below and you want to run, please let me know on facebook, or just turn up on the night – remembering your recent best 5K or parkrun time will be helpful.

Sunday 3rd March at 10am.

10.00 Mari J

10.01 Ron, Diane

10.04 Kath S, Bronwen, Angela

10.05 Kellie, Wendy, Colin

10.06 Nicola, Mike Hb

10.07 Helen D, Jill, Littlekath, Hannah, Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

10.07.30 Andy M, Kate W, Jeff, Paul J, Dawn, Ruth, Roger, Anwen

10.08 Abigail, Rob P, Katherine E

10.08.30 Bethan, Ed, David Sp, Sarah, Menai, David S, Rob G, Gwenan

10.10.30 Sali, Bob, Chris, Llyr, Ruari, Gerwyn, Jon, Victoria, Mari W

10.11 Rhian GJ, Sioned, Ian J, Fred

10.11.30 Dan S, Arwel, Tracey, Mel

10.12 Paul G, Mark, Elen

10.12.30 David D, Ceri B, Ceri D, Katy

10.13 Tony B, Emma, Duncan

10.13.30 Jon F, Mat, Alaw, Brett, Rhian

10.14 David B, Hywel, Steve, Owen, Phil

10.14.30 Huw

10.15 Vic, Glen, Tony W

10.15.30 Dan J, Craig

10.16 Joe W

10.17.00 Shaun H

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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report – weekend 9th Feb 2019

The 27th edition of the NickBeer 10k took place on 10th February with 18 Denbigh harriers joining the 596 runners starting the race. Thankfully storm Erik had subsided but the hilly course round the Great Orme in Llandudno still had some very winy conditions for the competitors to contend with. Emma Collins put in a tremendous run despite a lack of recent training and retained her category title with over 2 minutes to spare. Menai Baugh also won her category with a strong downhill part of the race. Mel Morris was second in her category and was delighted to win her second race prize in the space of a week. Katy Baugh had a welcome return to good running form finishing less than a minute in front of Mel Morris and also in front of her sister Elen Baugh on the day. Sioned Griffiths and Sali Powell were seconds apart with Sali in particular finishing strongly. Anwen Brown tried to stay with Menai Baugh but despite a strong climb could not keep up with her on the downhill section. Dawn Marshall ran strongly all the way to the finish and was happy finishing just over the hour mark.  Jess Jones was running her first 10k and was a happy finisher on this tough course. 

The men were led home by David Baugh as he came 2nd in his category and faster than in this race last year. He was closely followed by Mat Jones running the course for the first time. Tony Benton got the better of Duncan Jones going away from him on the downhill section of the race. Fred Jones was running this race having also run it 27 years ago and the passing years have not slowed him down too much. It was good to see Gerwyn Lloyd representing the club despite a lack of training as he finished just in front of Ian Jones.  It was also great to see veteran Harrier David Say finishing the race in a respectable position in his age category.

47th David Baugh (MV55 2nd) 00:43:01, 75th Mathew Jones 00:45:10, 112th Emma Collins (FV55 1st) 00:46:38, 119th Tony Benton 00:47:01, 122nd Duncan Jones 00:47:26, 149th Katy Baugh 00:48:17 ,177th Melina Morris (FV45 2nd) 00:49:24, 203rd Elen Baugh 00:50:28, 221st Fred Jones 00:50:46, 230th Sioned Griffiths 00:51:26, 235th Sali Powell 00:51:38, 254th Gerwyn Lloyd 00:52:24, 259th Ian Jones 00:52:37, 283rd Menai Baugh (F60 1st ) 00:53:59, 318th Anwen Brown 00:55:38, 349th David Say 00:56:29, 449th Dawn Marshall 01:02:38, 584th Jessica Jones 01:19:03

Emma Collins F55 Category Winner

Emma Collins F55 Category Winner

Menai Baugh F60 Category Winner

Menai Baugh F60 Category Winner

There was only one harrier doing a Parkrun at the weekend and again it was Ceri Belshaw at the Queenstown ParkRun, New Zealand

18 5 Ceri BELSHAW Denbigh Harriers 00:23:29

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Denbigh Harriers Weekly Report Weekend 2nd February 2019

The final fixture of the North Wales and Border Cross Country League was run on the partly thawed fields in Oswestry with its customery hills and water hazards to contend with. The ladies’ team was missing some if its usual counters so the honour of saving the team from dropping to division two was dependant on a team based on youth and experience. They stepped up to the mark spledidly putting in a fantastic performance and showing that they are not above their station in the middle of the first division. For the first lap Alaw Medi put in a hard effort and held on to finish 21st woman on the 5k course. Emma closed up to within 7 places of her and won her W55 category for the season. Elen Baugh and Mel Morris allowed Katy to get a 30 metre lead at the start and tried hard to get nearer all the way round. Mel fell over in the attempt and Elen just failed by a foot or two to catch Katy (approximately 40th and 41st) on the line. After Mel fell she lost contact with the Baugh sisters and finished in 51st and was third in her category for the season. Menai Baugh had a steady race picking off those in front of her to come second in the W60 category for the season.

Alaw Medi leading the ladies home

Alaw Medi leading the ladies home

There were 11 men representing the club providing a great turnout. Shaun Hughes once again showed how indispensable he is with a well judged run into 14th place on the 9k course. He was backed up by Joe Welch in 45th and Dan Jones in 52nd, both pushing hard on the first lap and slightly paying the price on the second. Next to finish were the ever reliable Glen Price in 58th and Tony Wood in 62nd. David Baugh moved up from a slowish start and steadily picked off the opposition to finish as the 6th counter in 72nd. Owen Conry used his experience and ran the race tracking David Baugh to the finish in 74th and just losing out on the downhill finish. Huw Willaims had a strong start early on but the energy-sapping sticky mud took its toll and he dropped back to 79th just in front of Mat Jones in 81st. Duncan Jones enjoyed the muddy conditions to finish in his highest placing for the season in 103rd followed by Tony Benton in 106th. This made Denbigh men 5th team on the day and their best performance of the season.

Glen Price followed by Tony Wood

Glen Price followed by Tony Wood

Individual category prize winners for the season were.

2nd F35 Rhian
3rd F45 Mel
1st F55 Emma
2nd F60 Menai

NW XC Prize Winners League

There was only one Denbigh Harrier Parkrunner this week and the honour went to Ceri Belshaw in Queenstown, New Zealand finishing 18th in 24.36


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Denbigh Harriers Weekly report Weekend 26th Jan ‘19

On Friday night Denbigh Harriers’ Tony Benton was a first timer to the Dash in the Dark series held at night in Llandegla forest.  He soon realised that his head torch was woefully inadequate for the job. Luckily for him the other 90 runners in the field had “proper” torches so he could see, by their lights, most of the looming tree roots and low hanging branches several steps before crashing into them. This is a lovely trail race that weaves through the forest using some of the lesser used tracks and trails. That the race is in darkness adds a novelty to the sense of excitement and he will definitely be doing this race again, albeit with a better head torch next time. Tony finished 29th in 34m 35s.

Vic Belshaw represented Denbigh Harriers in 16th Tarren Hendre Mountain Race 2019. It was stormy weather and waterlogged terrain that set the scene at the start of the race. The poor visibility also caught a few people out with them missing a crucial turning point on high ground. There was quite a battle for the men’s over 50 category with Mercia, Buckley and Aberystwyth. The lead switched a few times on the steep 2,000’ climb to the summit. Vic went over the top first only for one of the Mercia men to overtake him on the descent back into the forest. Once on the fast running terrain he made up ground and re-took the lead a quarter of a mile before the finish to win the category by 18s and placed 20th overall.  It was fantastic race with great camaraderie at the finish and at presentations. The race was made extra special  for Vic as as it was his son’s first mountain race and courses don’t come much tougher.

Emma Collins was the only Denbigh Harrier to run in the 4th border league race held at Tattenhall Cheshire. Conditions were cold and very blustery over a 6 mile undulating course with 450 ft climb. Emma was in her category and in the overall standings. Her time was 44:23 and good preparation  for the Nick Beer 10K next month.
At the annual Denbigh Harriers Dinner the Alison Baugh Memorial Trophy for the club member of the year was shared by Mari Jones and Dawn Marshall.
The Alison Baugh Memorial Trophy presented to Dawn Marshall and Mari Jones by David Baugh

The Alison Baugh Memorial Trophy presented to Dawn Marshall and Mari Jones by David Baugh

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Weekly roundup 20th Jan 2019

Five Denbigh Harriers took to the start line of Twin Piers 10 K With  434 other runners racing. There was the usual headwind but none of the dreadful conditions Twin Piers can be famous for. First Harrier home with Joe Welch in 39:30, 36th overall and 5th MV35 and delighted to feel comfortable racing coming back after two months of injury. Next over the line and improving on his time last year by well over a minute was Bob Neale in 49:55, 172nd overall and also took the M65 first place. Next two Harriers were Ruth Crowther and Andy Morris both aiming for sub 60 and for Ruth this her first 10 K. We’re pleased to report both of them absolutely smashed it. Ruth coming home in 56:49, 272nd and Andy coming home in 58:31, 296th – congratulations to them both! Returning from illness and injury was Dawn Marshall one hour and 40 seconds, 318th nowhere near her PB on this course but in line with last year and used as a fitness test. A great day out for all 5 Harriers.

Pos Gun time First name Last name Category position
36th 39:30 Joe Welch 5
172nd 49:55 Robert Neale 1st Vet 65
272nd 56:49 Ruth Crowther 13
296th 58:31 Andrew Morris 37
318th 01:00:40 Dawn Marshall 19

Two Denbigh Harriers took part in the Shropshire Mercia Hill Trial 2019 on Sunday. 

Superb mountain navigation event; thick freezing fog down to the valley base made for a technical course, especially for non-locals like us to the Shropshire Hills. We were in the third tranche of starters and taken on a coach to a secret location for the start of the linear course. Each team and individual competitor was started at a one minute interval and given their map. There were two courses, one medium and one long Tony Wood and Vic Belshaw opted for the medium which didn’t disappoint. Although they made one serious navigational error early on (along with several others) after that they were on were pretty much perfect lines and consistently moved up the field. It was a cracking day out and a big day as well with almost 10 miles and 3,000′ of ascent; and great team work. Vic was overall in the team category and Tony was placed 10th overall in the individual category.

On a cold, wet misty morning, three Harriers made their way over to Helsby to run in the 4 Villages Half Marathon. Thankfully the rain stopped about 15 minutes before the start time, and then stayed off for the race. Hywel Roberts was the first Harrier home in 1:50:50, Ian Jones finished in 1:57:54 and Rob Parry crossed the line in 2:00:09. It was a nice, well-organised race with plenty of support and great marshalling.


Vic and Tony arrive at a foggy checkpoint

Vic and Tony arrive at a foggy checkpoint

Brett Jones completed the 2019 Buff Winter Trail Wales in a time of 01:43:03 Pos-23 – 6th M40- he managed to knock 6 minutes off last years time.

Nine Harriers ran Saturday morning Parkrun in New Zealand, England and Wales. 

Kingston Parkrun

202nd Sian PRITCHARD 00:29:0

Conwy Parkrun

40th Philip HAYES 00:23:37
211th Joanne WHITE 00:40:2

Newborough Parkrun

26th Chris BALDWIN 00:25:0

Foster Parkrun (New Zealand)

11th Ceri BELSHAW 00:23:11

Bodelwyddan Castle Parkrun

6th David BAUGH 00:21:45
14th Tony BENTON 00:23:10
17th Duncan JONES 00:24:04
19th Katy BAUGH 00:24:3
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Weekly round up 14.01.19

Cross-Country League hots up as Denbigh Harriers Men’s and Women’s teams fight to stay in Division One

This week it was all about Cross-Country – the fourth and penultimate race in the North Wales league series and with the Men’s and Women’s teams in Division 1 for the first season – the fight is on to stay up.

Both teams are still in a fragile position and both have our neighbours Prestatyn Running Club as our nearest target – it’s not personal, just the way the season is shaping up. The men closed the gap by 128 points but are still in the relegation zone and need to beat Prestatyn by 139 points in the last match next month at Oswestry to finish 6th. The women are more comfortably in 5th, 127 points ahead of Prestatyn, 78 points behind Buckley, but with Prestatyn scoring 88 in this race versus Denbigh’s 157, nothing is certain.

Both races were indecently fast and it was great to see Shaun Hughes have a go at staying with the front group and then defending his 12th place to the end despite being isolated and a chasing group of four working hard together to catch him in this 4 lap race with 450ft+ climb. Huw Williams has improved a lot to finish as 6th counter with Owen Conry, seventh Harrier home, closing fast. With Vic Belshaw, our fifth counter and 2nd VM55, unable to race at Oswestry we’ll need to go even faster. Hopefully on the tougher, longer course marathon men Dan Jones, second counter and Joe Welch, fourth, can get further up the field while Glen Price, third, holds on as well again.

David Baugh, eighth Harrier home, ran a well-judged race and will be better placed to cope with the Oswestry hills than most. Phil Hayes, ninth, Mat Jones, tenth and Steve Gadd  eleventh ran well, they may find the Oswestry Hills a shock but they certainly have the speed to have great races. Tony Benton, thirteenth, still has some speed in the aged system and picked off half a dozen rivals on the last lap but missed out on catching his greatest rival, Duncan Jones, twelfth, who steadily widened the gap on the gradients.

Mens XC Northop
Left to right: Shaun Hughes, Team Captain Chris Baldwin, Vic Belshaw, Phil Hayes, Huw Williams, Steve Gadd, Tony Benton, Glen Price, Owen Conry, Mat Jones, David Baugh, Duncan Jones, Joe Welch, Dan Jones

In the women’s race of 2.5 laps and 300ft+ of climb, we have a number of special mentions. Rhian Pierce ran a carefully judged solo run up front to finish 14th, 2nd VF35 and Denbigh’s first counter, with our next 5 (4 to count), finishing in the top third of the field, led in by a very determined Mel Morris from the fast-improving and exceptionally well-running Elen Baugh. An astonishing final lap by Tracey Williams gave her the honour of being 4th counter just ahead of Katy Baugh and Sioned Griffiths.

In her second cross-country Mari Williams looked comfortable ahead of Sali Powell in a reverse of the North Wales Championships at Rhug last week. Menai Baugh cemented her VF60 category win just behind them and Sarah Bayliss zoomed through back after a 5 year break from cross-country. Dawn Marshall, saw the Harriers home, demonstrating that there is no substitute for getting stuck in at every opportunity.


Ladies XC Northop

Left to right: front row – Sali Powell, Sarah Bayliss, Menai Baugh, Rhian Pierce, back row – Mari Williams, Dawn Marshall, Sioned Griffiths, Mel Morris, Elen Baugh, Katy Baugh

A quiet parkrun this week saw Sian Pritchard set a new PB at Bushy as she trains for the London Marathon whilst Jon Whitehead was just off his PB in 26:33 at Bodelwyddan Castle. Dawn Marshall in her first run of the day, paced her sister around Stretford parkrun in 35:59.



North Wales Cross-Country League Northop

Women: Rhian Pierce 14th 21:53, Melina Morris 45th 25:02, Elen Baugh 47th 25:12, Tracey Williams 51st 25:39, Katy Baugh 52nd 25:43, Sioned Griffiths 53rd 25:44, Mari Williams 67th 26:22, Sali Powell 79th 27:26, Menai Baugh 85th 28:08, Sarah Bayliss 92nd 28:36, Dawn Marshall 122nd 32:33 Women’s Division 1: Race 4:  157 points, 6th overall. After 4 races 526 points 5th overall. Female Masters: Race 4: 61 points, 5th overall. After 4 races 4th points, 4th overall

Men: Shaun Hughes 12th 28:52, Dan Jones 52nd 32:09, Glen Price 60th 32:32, Joe Welch 63rd 32:36, Vic Belshaw 66th 32:44, Huw Williams 88th 34:22, Owen Conry 89th 34:26, David Baugh 92nd 34:36, Phil Hayes 95th 34:42, Mat Jones 98th 34:59, Steve Gadd 102nd 35:29, Duncan Jones 125th 37:26, Tony Benton 130th 38:05 Men’s Division 1: Race 4: 341 points, 6th overall. After 4 races 1750 points 7th overall. Male Masters: Race 4: 112 points, 9th overall. After 4 races 521 points, 10th overall

Parkrun Bushy Sian Pritchard PB 25:27 Bodelwyddan Castle Jon Whitehead 26:33 Stretford Dawn Marshall 35:59


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