June Handicap Start Times

Understandably, there are a number of people still not really comfortable with group runs and activities. As such, it is proposed that June can either be done individually or on the Tuesday. The window for individual efforts to open on Friday 28th May, and close on Tuesday 1st June at dusk.
The ‘official’ handicap race to take place on Tuesday 1st June.
The handicapper has given the start times below:
Start time Names
18:30:00 Mari J, Ron
18:31:00 Sue
18:32:00 Kath S, John L-T
18:33:00 Claire Sp, Rhian W-J, Meirion
18:34:00 Kath E, Caz, Alison, Dawn
18:35:00 Ruth, John G, Liz H
18:37:00 Gwenan, Jeff, Rebekah, Sarah
18:38:30 Ieuan, Julie, Kath Eds
18:39:00 Roger
18:41:00 Ed
18:41:30 Rob P
18:42:00 Will A, David Sp, Paul J, Carys
18:42:30 Dan S, Jon, Lucy, Menai
18:43:00 Bob N
18:43:30 Rhodri, Mark
18:44:00 Abigail
18:44:30 Kate W, Anwen, Fred, Peter L
18:45:00 Arwel, Gareth J, Rhianwen
18:45:30 Suzi, Lee, Lisa P
18:46:00 Luke, Chris R, Gareth P, Mari W, Elen B, Tony B
18:46:30 Sioned
18:47:00 Duncan
18:47:30 Ceri D, Victoria, Alaw, Katy B, Mel
18:48:00 Katy B, Catherine TJ, Rachael E, Rhian G-J, Phil, David B
18:48:30 Rhian, P, Emma
18:49:00 Gareth, Hywel, Steve
18:49:30 Owen
18:50:00 Adam, Mat, Aron E
18:50:30 Vic
18:51:30 Brett, Glen
18:52:00 Dan J, Huw, Paul G
18:52:30 Joe,Tony W
18:53:00 Shaun
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