Johnson’s Monument Handicap Race Sunday 15th December

Rob Parry in charge – 10 a.m. start. More people than expected have shown an interest. Theoretically some of the small groups could be split up  with 30 seconds between individuals, which I would do for the shorter summer handicap, but racing is much easier in groups.

10.00 a.m. Jess, Ron

10.07 a.m. John LT, Rebekah

10.08 a.m. Dawn

10.10 David Sp, Jeff

10.12 Ruth, Caz,

10.14 Gwenan

10.16 Anwen, Roger

10.18 Kate W

10.19 Menai, Bob, Jon

10.22 Peter L

10.24 Ian, Arwel

10.25 Sioned, Victoria, Carys, Luke

10.27 Fred, Duncan

10.28 Elen, Katy, Mari, Tony B, Gareth

10.29 Hywel, Alaw, Caroline T-J, Tracey

10.30 Vic, Emma, Mel

10.32 David B, Phil, Huw, Rhian

10.34 Owen, Steve, Brett

10.34.30 Glen

10.36 Tony W, Dan

10.37 Joe

10.38 Shaun


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