April 2020 Start List


Start as last month in the field opposite the cemetery. Out of that and diagonally across to next two kissing gates and up to the stone steps. Then two laps from the stone steps and back to the start. Approximately 3.5 miles – on a trial basis. Should be much more interesting for spectators/officials but quite tough for runners! On a drier course I expect the less fit to do relatively better.

P.S. April 5th. This is Start List ending 12th April.

6.30 pm Mari J, Ron, Bronwen.

6.31 pm Diane, Meirion, Sue

6.35 Rebekah, Kath S, John L-T

6.36 Jess, Sali, Mark J

6.37 Claire Sp, Rhian WJ

6.38.00 Helen D, Nicola, LittleKath

6.39.00 Ruth, Dawn, Andy M, John G, Dizzy Liz

6.40.00 Katherine E, Rob P, Paul J, Sarah

6.41.00 Julie, Gwenan, Kaz, David Sp, Jeff

6.42.00 Anwen

6.43.00 Dan S, Ian J, Ed

6.43.30 Arwel, Menai, Jon, Chris B

6.44.00 Bob

6.45.00 Ruari, Gerwyn

6.45.30 Peter L

6.46.00 Luke, Chris R, Gareth P

6.47.00 Paul G, Ceri D, Sioned, Carys, Victoria, Tracey, Alaw, Mari W, Duncan, Elen

6.47.30 Fred

6.48.00 Emma, Tony B, Mat

6.48.30 Rhian, Catherine TJ, Katy B

6.49.00 Gareth, Hywel, Steve, Phil, David B, Mel

6.49.30 Owen

6.51.00 Glen, Adam, Vic

6.51.30 Huw, Brett

6.52.00 Dan J, Tony W

6.52.30 Joe

6.54.00 Shaun

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